Walk A 5k Training Schedule


I had two clients who hired me as a personal trainer to get them ready for a 5k. They wanted to walk it with friends but they were not in great shape. I developed a walking program and it got them ready for the race. I think it was a turkey trot and they told me they were happy they finished and they weren't exhausted or overly fatigued the next day. It really helps to train. 

If you don't want to walk a 5k but you want to lose weight walking, you need to try my workout program. It starts out with a half a mile walk and you end the program walking three-plus miles. You would be amazed by how much weight you can lose and how much you will feel better by working out four days a week for two months.

Walk A 5K

My Walk A 5K In 8 Weeks program is $6.95 and it is sold on my shop on Etsy. Etsy now has guest checkout so there is no need to sign up for the Etsy website. 

If you have been walking for a while and you want to start running but you don't want an aggressive running program, I have a 15-30 week run-walk program for beginners for sale also. It is $8.95 and it is an instant download upon payment just like the Walk A 5K In 8 Weeks workout plan. 

Start walking today for better health and remember it is never too late to get in shape.


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