Intermittent Fasting Results - 13 Pounds Down

13 Pounds Down

*Update: I stopped intermittent fasting because it didn't help my cholesterol. My cholesterol problem is genetic in nature so don't go by my results, it may help control your cholesterol. 

My weight also went back up but I am not in the 150's. I fluctuate between 144-147 pounds which I'm happy. I do want to have flatter abs so I will start intermittent fasting again in November of 2018. It did a great job in controlling my weight.

Happy New Year everyone and I have some exciting news, I lost four more pounds over the holidays. I was doing my calorie counting and intermittent fasting eating program. In December, I wasn't as strict on counting calories as I was in November and I still lost weight and it surprised me.

I got on the scale on Saturday just before going out to dinner to celebrate my wedding anniversary. The scale read 140.3 pounds, I was totally shocked. I guess intermittent fasting is a real fat burner.

I fast 3 days a week and the fasting time can range from 14 to 20 hours. I did a few 20-hour fasts on days I ate a holiday meal or went to a holiday party. Most of the time, the fasts lasted 14 - 16 hours. I eat clean but I don't worry about having a dessert after dinner. This isn't a diet for me but a lifestyle change. I started fasting to lower my cholesterol.

 Read about my results and journey here. It has been proven that intermittent fasting can help with lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels. My total cholesterol has dropped 30 points but I haven't gone back to my primary care doctor to get my complete lipid panel. I will do that soon.

Why does intermittent fasting burn fat?

After consuming your last meal up to eight hours, your body uses glucose and glycogen as fuel but after 8 hours your body switches over to fat as the main fuel source. With the fasting lifestyle, you are eliminating one meal so you are consuming fewer calories, so this is the other reason one loses weight with intermittent fasting. 

You can read more about fat loss and intermittent fasting, I won't go into here. Read: Lose Weight Using Intermittent Fasting. If you are a woman of childbearing years, a 12-14 hour fast tends to work better for some reason. If you want to get started, start with this fasting range to see how your body responds.

Who shouldn't do intermittent fasting

If you have an eating disorder, you shouldn't practice intermittent fasting. If you are medication(s), talk to your doctor first and try another form of fasting. There are a few different models of intermittent fasting. If you are breastfeeding, you can't do intermittent fasting. Remember to always work with your doctor or nutritionist before changing your eating habits.

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting?


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