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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Fitness Clue Game Challenge

I have a real fun challenge starting today on Black Friday, November 25, 2016. It is based on the Clue game and my game is The Fitness Clue Game. The goal is to find who killed the personal trainer. Here are the rules below:

The Fitness Clue Game - Who killed the personal trainer

a. The yoga instructor
b. The club member
c. The bodybuilder
d. The cycle Spin instructor
e. The club manager
f. The aerobics instructor

a. Jump rope
b. Kettle bell
c. Dumbbell
d. Medicine ball
e. Tennis racquet

The pool
The weight room
The men's locker room
The women's locker room
The aerobics studio
The babysitting room
The front desk
The cycle studio
The Pilates studio

1. You choose a character and you must start your journey where that character's name appears on the board
2. For every 30 minutes of exercise, you can move your game piece two steps or two blocks
3. Once you enter the room, you will send me a personal message what was the weapon and who did it. You don't guess the room because you are already there.
4. I will only give you one clue that I have in my hands. You mark that one off and then move to the next room or stay if you like after two 30 minute workouts.
5. If you are in a corner room, you can jump through the secret passage way, no exercise required.
6. The first two people that guess correctly are the winners.

To join the game you have to ask to join my Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook send me an email at

Any questions? This will keep us working out through the busy holiday season.