Lowering My Cholesterol As A Vegan

Part-time Vegan Diet

I have been living a vegan lifestyle for 5 days now and it hasn't been too bad. My part-time vegan way of life will go as follows. Two to three days out of the week, I will have egg whites or fish for dinner and once a  month, I will have a treat meal. My husband talked me out of going extreme to lower my cholesterol and I agreed. I broke down on Sunday and broiled some salmon, which I had with my kale salad.

The hardest part is figuring out what I'm going to eat on a daily basis and how to incorporate vegan meals with what my husband is eating. Sometimes he forgets that I'm on a restricted diet and last night, he asked if I wanted some ice cream. A lot of my meals have had a heavy carbohydrate focus.  I need to make sure not to go overboard on the carbs, even though they are complex carbs. Getting protein in my daily diet will be a challenge and I need to go more research on this. 
To make sure I get good results in three months when I redo my cholesterol test, I have decided to take in at least 25 grams of fiber a day. Studies have shown that a high fiber diet can reduce cholesterol levels by 15-20 percent. I start my morning with a Fiber One bar and a piece of fruit or V8 juice. My client suggested that I eat oatmeal, but I have to leave the house very early in the morning. Breakfast is usually in my car. Today on Facebook, I came across a new bar that is more natural. I went online to order it. It has 12 grams of fiber compared to the 9 grams in FiberOne. When I receive the bars, I will let you know how they taste and if I will be switching brands.

Tonight, a southwestern salad with black beans and corn is on the menu and my husband, he will have rib tips with his salad. My willpower is STRONG!


  1. I don't think I could have the willpower to be a vegan! I'm impressed!

  2. Plenty of fiber and little to no sugar helps. It helped me a lot.


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