I'm Not Going On Cholesterol Lowering Medications

My doctor told me that my cholesterol is very high and he wants to put me cholesterol medication. I told him no and my going vegan 6 days out of the week. You can check out my video if you don't want to read the post.  

One of the reasons why my cholesterol is so elevated is because I didn't go to see my endocrinologist for a year and a half, foolish I know. During that time of not seeing the doctor caused my blood lipids to get way out of control. I found a new thyroid doctor and she increased my medications and hopefully that will lower my cholesterol and clear up the darkening of my skin on my ankles and hands.

I have clients on cholesterol meds and they are always complaining about the side effects. I don't want that feeling in my life at this point. I rather try giving up eggs, butter, cheese, meat red and white than take pills. I want to make sure I keep my daily cholesterol intake way below the 300 mg a day limit. 

Once a week, I will treat myself to fish or poultry or red meat. Thank goodness, I have been doing meatless Mondays for a while now, so I'm kind of used to not eating meat. Now I need to concentrate on reading labels and sticking to real food. I will be taking my next lipids test in October, so I will let you guys know on how I did. Keep your fingers crossed because I don't want to be put on medication.

Do you suffer from high cholesterol or does a family member have it?


  1. I think you have a great approach if you don't want to take medications! I just attended a lecture at work on dyslipidemia and plan on sharing what I learned in an upcoming post! Exercise and diet are key.

  2. you can take Home remedies to control your cholesterol like Coriander Seeds, Onions, Indian Gooseberry, Apple Cider Vinegar, Orange Juice.


  3. I do take meds because it was so high but I would love to get off them.


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