13K to 40K Cardio Challenge

I have a new challenge that started today and it goes for 2 weeks, it is the 13K to 40K Cardio Challenge. If you would like to join, asked to be connected to my private Facebook group or you can do it on your own. Here are the rules and happy cardio everyone:

1. This challenge will run 2 weeks starting Monday, April 11
2. You must do some form of cardio(aerobic) exercises to hit your goal
3. Aerobic exercises: running, walking, skating, rowing, biking, stair climbing, cross country skiing, skating, elliptical trainer, arc trainer
4. Beginner weekly mileage: 8 -15 miles Intermediate weekly mileage 16- 20 miles Advance miles 21 - 25 miles
5. Document your miles here at least 3 days a week or on the FB group
6. Choose an activity that will be easy to document your miles
7. Add friends who would love to do this challenge


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