Sweatin For The Wedding - A Six to Eight Week Exercise Plan


Get Fit in 6 weeks

This is a workout for all you ladies who are getting married in 6 to 8 weeks. You said, "Yes to the Dress" but you don't look that great in the dress. Right now, you are in panic mode because you procrastinated and only have a little time left until the wedding. Fear not, the get ready for the dress workout is for you. It is time to start sweatin for the wedding. 

You have to do this program 3 days a week, and in-between those days, you are going to have to walk at a brisk pace or run for 45 minutes. Total workout days: 6

Because there is only a little time left for the wedding, you are going on a very strict diet. Check out these next diet regimes and figure out which one is best for you:

Jumping jacks

Want another workout to go along with the above fitness routine, you can try any of the following workout plans:

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Running for beginners $8.95

You can find the equipment needed for the Get Ready for the Dress Workout on Amazon: Tubes or Dumbbells.