Infomercial Ab Machines

They Work For Certain Populations

Kruncher Ab Machine

I was at a condominium fitness center training my client and The Kruncher Ab Machine infomercial was playing on the overhead television, I started laughing about the device with people in the center. All of a sudden it hit me, that this would be a perfect machine for two of my clients.

The people in question are 60 plus years old and they are husband and wife. The husband suffers from Parkinson's disease. I train Mr. T mainly in a chair, however, his wife is more mobile and trains in the chair and also in the standing position but not on the floor. Because of his lack of mobility, it is difficult to train Mr. T's core and The Kruncher would be a great asset to his workout routine. 

The next device has been around for a while and was pretty hot in the 1990s. It is still is selling even now. The Ab Roller has been a great device for a former client and a current client.
Ab Roller
The ab roller works the core without the straining the neck. This happens when certain people do a regular crunch without equipment. I used to use this device on a client who was wheelchair bound and I would train her on her bed. She LOVED this machine because it really worked her core. Ms. Liz is no longer with us but I loved her spirit; she was always so positive. 

I have incorporated this the ab roller into a workout for a client I train presently. She has neck issues and I always stabilize her neck region when training her core. Three weeks ago, I found the ab roller in her condo's fitness center's workout closet. She gave it a try and it doesn't bother her neck plus it works her core.

If you or a loved one has limitations and you are looking for a way to work your or their core, you might want to consider these two machines. It isn't always about achieving a six pack, but having a strong back and abdominal muscles for everyday living.


  1. This sounds and looks like a great product. I am not a very mobile person and I love that I could sit in my chair and exercise.


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