Can You Eat Brussels Sprout Leaves?


Yes, you can and as you can see in the videos below, Twilight from my feral cat colony seems to like them and she is really tearing the leaves apart. I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. I don't know if I'm going to cook them in a stew or sautéed them in a skillet.
Another reason to eat Brussels sprouts leaves is that they are high in vitamin C with 3 grams of protein, which is about the same amount that is found in kale. Kale is a higher level of vitamin A and calcium. Compare the following nutrition facts:

                                             Kale              Brussels Sprouts
Vitamin A                            133%              13%
Vitamin C                            134%              124%
Calcium                               10%                3%
Iron                                      5%                  6%
Vitamin B6                          10%                10%
Calories/per cup                  33                   38

Check out these recipes using the leaves of the Brussels Sprout plant:
Brussels Sprout Leaves with Cheesy Polenta and Crispy Fried Eggs
Sautéed Brussels Sprout Greens

This is what I made. I sautéed them and they were delicious. If you have a recipe you would like me to try, email it to me. Also, have you ever eaten the leaves of the Brussels Sprout plant?



  1. The Brussels sprout leaves look delicious! I've always wondered about eating the leaves and stems of various plant foods. I'd assume they were okay to eat but was never sure about the flavor. Still, kale and spinach leaves are my favorites!


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