Halloween Cardio And Core Workout

I haven't given the readers a cardio workout in a while. Here is one I used with a group of high school students I'm training.  Do the total workout to burn off a whole bunch of candy, cookies and brownies, you might be consuming this Halloween season.

Circuit One
Jump Rope 1 minute
Stairs 1 minute
Jumping Jacks 1 minute
Run in Place 1 minute
Repeat twice

Bicycles 1 minute

Circuit Two
Jump Rope 1 minute 30 seconds
Stairs 1 minute 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks 1 minute 30 seconds
Run in Place 1 minute 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers 1 minute
Repeat twice

You can stop here if you need a quick workout

Circuit Three
Jump Rope 2 minutes
Stairs 2 minutes
Jumping Jacks 2 minutes
Run in Place 2 minutes
Mountain Climbers 1 minute
Repeat twice

Plank on your elbow for 30 seconds and on your hands for 30 seconds



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