Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Best Stationary Bike Workout

Don’t Let Your Stationary Bike Become A Clothes Hanger!!

Is this you? You have a bike you bought and you might have used it once or maybe two times. I have had clients in the past who had bikes that weren't getting any use. They were clothes hangers. If this describes you, I have developed this workout just for you.

It is a total body exercise that incorporates strength and cardiovascular training.  All you need are some dumbbells and you are ready to go. You should do this circuit program three days a week and not back to back, give your body a rest between workouts. Below are videos of the exercises if you don't know what they are and I'm also providing some tips about the workout.

RPM(revolutions per minute) this can be found on your bike monitor
*You should break 1 minute between circuits but it can be longer if you need more recovery time
*Stretch your upper body and lower body at the end of the workout
*If you don't have a bench, you can do the chest press on the floor

Need something a little harder? Try the stationary bike workout next level up.




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