Where To Purchase Battle Ropes

Inexpensive - Expensive

Have you ever worked out using a battle rope? Do you like it?

I love using battle ropes in my boot-camp classes and my students love them and do not let me forget to bring them. In the video, I show one move, the battle rope squat, but there is so much more you can do with battle ropes. If you are looking to purchase one, you have three options: 
  1. Power Training Rope 
  2. Manila Rope 
  3. Polypropylene Rope 
When I purchased my battle ropes six years ago, I needed three ropes and I did not want to spend a lot of money. At that time, a 30-foot rope (9.144 meters) was $200.00 and I could not afford to buy three battle ropes. I decided to look for a rope store online. Fortunately, I found a store on the internet that sold the exact same rope at a significantly less cost.

Knot and Rope Supply carries a huge selection of ropes for all types of activity to fit your needs such as boating, camping, climbing, working out, or decoration. They will cut the rope to fit your specifications and ship it to you very quickly.

I opted for the inexpensive Manila rope. The rope in the video is a Polypropylene from an online fitness professional store. It differs from the Manila as it is gentle on your hands and stops the rope from fraying.  

There are three options for purchase: 
  1. Power Training Rope- This can be purchased from Power Systems. 30 Feet (9.144 meters) is $ 126.95. 
  2. Manila Rope- This can be purchased from Knot and Rope Supply store. 30 Feet (9.144 meters) is $ 51.90. 
  3. Polypropylene Manila Rope-This can be purchased from the Knot and Rope Supply Store. 30 Feet (9.144meters) is $67.50. 

What to Buy:

Beginners to advance individuals - Buy 1.5 inches (3.81cm) in a diameter
Very advance individuals - Buy 2 inches in diameter

If you want less than 30 feet, the Knot and Rope Supply store offer those options.

I hope you buy your battle rope soon and check out the video above for another move you can do with the battle rope.


  1. Cool, I have been wanting to add this to my arsenal for a while but as you said they are expensive! Now if you can get to a firehouse in your state they sometimes disgard their old fire hoses after they are decommissioned. From there it will take a little diy work but you can create a great set of battle ropes from the old hose. In Louisiana, I've been having trouble getting the fire department to hand me over a hose but I know other people that have gotten them with no problem in their state. Good post!

    1. Thanks Mark. I have nAve never seen it used with fire hoses...interesting.

  2. very cool! gotta get some ropes soon! thanks for sharing!


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