Monday, June 8, 2015

What Is The Best Activewear For An Inverted Triangle Body Shape

I thought I was a ruler until I really looked in the mirror and figured out that I'm an inverted triangle. I have broad shoulders with long arms, long legs, and small sized breasts. Since I'm not a fashionista, I needed help on what fitness clothes to buy for my shape so I had to some research.

What are the attributes of the inverted triangle or cornet shape? Inverted triangles have broad shoulders, small breasts, no waist or a slight waist, slim hips, and long slim legs.

Leggings and Fitness Pants

To create the illusion of hips, you should choose pants that light contrast stripes on the side, pants with side pockets, or pants with bright colors or patterns.

Fitness Tops

Keep your tops simple and choose ones that create an illusion of a waist. Choose thicker straps, they will take away emphasis from your shoulders. If your stomach is flat you can wear simple tops that show off your great abdominals.



Choose an outfit with patterns, belts or ruffles at the bottom of the swimsuit. If you are only interested in a bikini, look for bottoms with tassels or side ties. For more information on what swimsuit to wear for an inverted triangle, check out A Designer In Fashion's article, The Best Bikini For An Inverted Triangle Shape.  Do you dress for your body shape? Are you a fashionista who knows what looks great on you?

Are you a pear/triangle body shape? Check out my post on finding the best activewear for your body.


  1. Right now, I am trying to figure out what works best on the boobs. It's a little bit of a struggle because I am not used to them.... And all the clothing I have, does NOT cater to them - UGH! Plus, I do NOT like shopping - HA HA HA! It's so stressful!

  2. Good read. You can find a ton of great activewear for this body type at