The Best Weight Maintenance Tip

Weigh in Daily

This works for me. I gained weight from the holidays and that is because I wasn't calorie counting or weighing in.  I find that if I weigh myself every morning upon rising, I tend to keep my weight in check. If I put my head in the sand and avoid the scale, my weight creeps back up into the 153-154 range.

I decided to go back to weighing in every morning. My goal is to be back at 147 by the end of January. Right now, I'm throwing my own DietBet contest and according to the rules I have to lose 6 pounds(4%) in 28 days. So by the beginning to February, I have to be at 146 pounds (66.4kg) in order to get my money back and be one of the winners.

Once I get to 146, I am giving myself a buffer of 3 pounds. And if I get on the scale and my weight is 149, that would mean I have been over doing it and it will be the time to reign in my indulging. Like I said before, this works for me for maintenance, for you it might be something different. You have to be the judge on what keeps your weight in check. 

I would like to know, how do you maintain your weight? Have you reached your weight goal?


  1. DietBet sounds interesting. I maintain my weight by signing up for races so I know I need to train. I feel I always need to follow some sort of schedule or plan.

  2. I gained a couple of pounds over the holidays too. I've weighed myself every day for years, it probably helps. I'm more motivated to work out if the number is up. I'm trying something new this year - eat more protein during the day and keep a food journal. So far so good.

  3. Since I'm just starting maintenance I have to figure out what to eat more of so I don't keep losing. The problem is most days I don't want to eat more. This is going to be a tough one!

  4. I should probably step on a scale at some point the near future! I like to measure and monitor how I look in clothing. :)


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