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Holiday weight gain and not weighing myself daily added to the reason why I ordered a week of meals. I have seen so much written about this program from other bloggers and the results they achieved, I decided to take the plunge and order a week of BistroMD meals for $99.

BistroMD is a dietary delivery service that offers reduced caloric meals to people living in the United States. The meals are prepared and then frozen and vacuumed sealed to keep in their freshness.  You get breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a week and you can view up coming menus to remove meals you would not enjoy. If you have a special dietary need or allergies, BistroMd with help customize a menu for you.
Roasted Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney & Wild Rice Blend

My Results

Did I enjoy the meals? Well, yes and no. I found the meals to be bland but they are supposed to have less sodium, preservatives and etc. I easily remedied that with my salt shaker and the use of various spices such a my mango habernero hot sauce. In fact, I just entered a contest on another site that is giving away 4 weeks of BistroMd meals. I would love to give 2 weeks of meals to two clients that weigh over 400 pounds. They want to buy Lean Cuisine, Weight Watcher or Healthy Choice meals but can't eat them due to the high amount of sodium found in these products.  

My favorite meals were the breakfast items. Because I have to leave the house early in the morning for my first client, I don't have time for a sit down breakfast. My breakfast is usually a handful of cashews or a fiber/protein bar.  I love eating the BistroMd breakfast meals for lunch or dinner and they are quite delicious.

I also enjoyed the variety they offered, like the shepherd's pie. I have never eaten that dish. They used cauliflower instead of the traditional mashed potato as a topping. The Moroccan-style beef was also very good.  

I am almost back to my weight I was in August so I am pleased with my results. Would I order from them again? Probably not, because I am back to weighing myself every morning, that process helps keep my weight in check.  Would I recommend the company to clients or group exercise students? Yes, definitely, especially if they could afford it and/or have to be on a restrictive diet.

A note to the chefs at BistroMd:
Please consider offering spicy menu items for those of us that like an extra kick to our foods.

Have you ever used a diet delivery program? Which one and did you reach your weight goal?

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  1. I have never used something like that but I would love to. It takes so much of the guess work out of dieting

  2. Nice review! You are right there are so many ways to have flavor without salt I love spicy sauce on everything too. Nice option for people who don't like to cook

  3. I have never used something like this. Sorta sounds like NutriSystems and the like. Kinda pricey, I think.

  4. I've never tried a service like this. Sounds like bliss, like someone cooking for me almost, lol.

  5. I've never used a service like this, but sometimes I get so tired of cooking and thinking about what to eat for dinner. This would be nice for a bit of a break.

  6. I would love to try these. I heard that some of these meal delivery plans may not deliver enough food for highly active people. Not sure if that is true of BistroMD but sounds like it can definitely help someone JUMP START a plan to get more fit and to lose excess weight.

  7. This sounds like a fantastic meal service. Thank you for sharing your great review and hopefully they will spice it up!

  8. Sounds like a great option for people struggling with portions and time. I've never tried it but have tried a service where the ingredients for a whole week of healthy cooking were delivered to me. It was kind of handy but the meals took too long to make :(

  9. I've never used something like this, for a number of reasons. I imagine they wouldn't deliver all the way out here in the back woods of Vermont, lol. But I can see how this would be a really great solution to help someone venturing into a new fitness and health journey.

  10. I tried a delivery service once--and like you, found some dishes that I liked and others that were bland or not to my liking. For me it is all about meal planning--- as long as that happens, I can create great meals that meet my goals. Otherwise? all bets are off!


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