The Great American Smokeout 2014


I love this picture because it reminds me how my sisters and I used to taunt my dad to get him to stop smoking.  After many years of harassing and destroying his cigarette packs, he gave it up, unfortunately my uncle did not and died of lung cancer.  

November 17th is the day to put down the cigarettes, e-cigarettes and cigars for The Great American Smokeout. Hopefully, this will lead to a permanent change. Below are some of the things you can do to quit forever:

1. Try Nicorette gum
2. Go cold turkey(just quit suddenly)
3. Join a support group

For more helpful advice, read Quitting Smoking: 10 ways to resist tobacco cravings by the Mayo Clinic.


The jury is still out about the effects of electronic cigarettes on one's health.  I for one am not against it, especially if it stops you from smoking.  I wish this product was around when my dad's brother was living, it might have saved his life.  

What are your thoughts on The Great American Smokeout or electronic cigarettes?

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