Comcast or X-Finity Fitness Video Review #3

1 Mile Walk

In September when my broken toe seemed to be healed, I decided to give the Comcast 1 mile walk video with Kendra Kemerley a try. I have to admit I'm a Leslie Sansone 2 and 3-mile walk groupie and for those who don't know, Leslie is the Queen of the walking videos. So, I was a little bias when I decided to try Kendra's video.

The 1-mile walk is a 15-minute low-impact workout that can be done in any room in your house or apartment, even in a small space. She starts off with a short warm-up and then the speed picks up and you are marching, kicking, moving side to side at a brisk pace.
Even though I prefer Leslie's walking videos, Kendra offers an excellent walking routine also. The only problem I had with the video, she cools you down but doesn't do a stretch at the end. You would have to your own stretching and I would recommend a two or three minute quick stretch of the hamstrings, quadriceps and the calves. 

Other than no flexibility routine at the end, this would be a great video to do in the morning and or the evening for a beginner exerciser. I give it 3 out of 4 barbells.

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  1. Awesome! I tried a few workout videos from comcast, but wasnt that impressed,seems like I was looking at the wrong ones. Now no one has an excuse :P

  2. Nice! I think Jessica Smith has my favorite On Demand workout videos but I like the idea of a walking workout. #wowlinkup

  3. Hmm, how do you do a walk video? Are you walking in place?

    1. No, it is really low-impact aerobics but the patterns are less intricate.

  4. Oh I've never tried a walk video before! interesting!

  5. I also have never done a walking video but would totally be down for trying this! I'll have to see if DirecTV or one of my other streaming services offers something like this #wowlinkup

  6. Nice. I don't have Comcast but I do have DirecTv which has similar videos. I may have to see what they have to try out. #wowlinkup

  7. OK neat, I will try to view some low impact workouts for modifications. I teach fitness classes and my audience is a VERY mixed level crowd. It's good to have something for everyone.

  8. Does Kendra have any dvd's available for sale?


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