Wendy's Apple Pecan Salad Review


Today I was on my way home from the gym and I had a taste for a salad.  As some of my regular readers know, I have a garden full of kale, Swiss chard, collards but no lettuce. I have been eating kale salads almost 4 times a week and I'm sick of kale. I wanted something different and since I had a Wendy's gift card, I decided to try their apple pecan salad.
Wendy's sells their salads in two sizes, half and full. I bought a half size because I didn't want the extra calories. The half sizes are pretty large and when I transferred it to a plate, it took up the whole eight-inch plate, as seen below.


The salad consisted of romaine lettuce, apples, cranberries, grilled chicken, blue cheese and you can also add roasted pecans and the pomegranate Simply Dressed salad dressing. The salad was delicious and very filling and I'm glad I got the half size. 

As far as the caloric intake is concerned, it is not bad, the total salad with dressing and pecans included is 350 calories.  On the website, it says the dressing is 160 calories but that is for 2 packets. I only had one, so that really changes my caloric intake to 280 calories, that's even better!

Check out Wendy's customize guide, where you see how many calories you can add or subtract to or from your meal. If I had known about this, I could have gotten a full size. Oh well, I guess I saved money.  I recommend Wendy's Apple Pecan Salad because it tastes great and it won't ruin your diet.

Have you tried any of Wendy's salads? Do you buy the full or the half size?

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  1. I used to eat their salads a loooonnngggg time ago when I lived in ATL. They had this grilled chicken salad that wasn't bad. They also have this chili that is to die for.

  2. We eat a lot at Wendy's since they have a lot of gluten free items, including a few of the salads (without crutons or the candied nuts). There salads are a lot better than many of the other fast foods restaurants and they have a number of different options which is nice since it can be hard for me to find things to eat places :)


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