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I received the opportunity to review a new fitness app called The Fitness Games.  The Fitness Games is a combination of social media, gaming and fitness all rolled into one new way of challenging your workouts.  You can challenge anyone to a workout anywhere in the world with the many fitness programs that are provide on the application.

My Experience and Thoughts

Honestly, I did and did not like The Fitness Games app.  I ran into several problems with it and I will list them below.
  1. When I downloaded the program and was ready to start challenging people, no one responded back.  How can you challenge someone to a workout and they are not at the gym or in fact might not want to do your particular workout? In order for this to work, you will need set up a schedule and workout with an exercise buddy ahead of time.
  2. Once you start the game, you don't know in fact if your challenge buddy is doing the workout at the same time.  Someone did respond to me once.  I challenged them to my own Fitness Model Workout I downloaded on the app but all I heard was crickets.  I didn't receive a notice at the end that the person who accepted my challenge actually finished the workout.
  3. I really don't need this app because I'm a motivated person who loves exercising, so it was kind of a distraction to me. I wanted to get on social media while I was on the elliptical but I couldn't because if you close The Fitness Games page, it stops the challenge.
  4. If I wanted to see what workouts I have done this month, I could look on The Fitness Games calendar to see my points I won from challenging myself, but it doesn't tell you what workout you did that particular day.  This would be a nice addition to the app. 



Where it can be used

Now don't get me wrong, I see where this app can be utilized by an instructor. I can imagine telling my class to do a certain workout on the week-end, assign workout partners to challenge each other.  This would be a great tool to motivate individuals that are not enthusiastic about exercise. It can also help your students achieve their best results from your fitness program by keeping them dedicated to working out. Of course, this would be an honor system because there is no way to check if the person actually worked out, unless the person uses the selfie part of the app.  The Fitness games app allows you can take a selfie to show your results at the end of your workout. 


If the creators fixed the above problems, I think it would be a great tool for an instructor or trainer. It would also benefit an unmotivated individual as long as they find a group of people, he or she knows personally to download the app and use it too.

Disclosure statement: This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Dear Frugal exerciser,
    Thank you for your review. My business partner and I are two personal trainers who wanted to make working out fun and easy for people. I myself lost over 200 pounds and conquered obesity after being obese through childhood and into college. This app was created to help people. To be a positive. lost over 200 pounds and conquered obesity after being obese through childhood and into college. This app was created to help people and motivate them. I believe there are a few misconceptions on the apps function and I would like to clear them up and address some of the concerns you raised.

  2. 1. For challenges, it will take some time to find matches instantly. The user base for the app will have to grow in order to do so however, we have implemented a smart search feature that will match users up with other users based on how active the person is within the category that you are challenging in. This means it will find people who do the type of workout you are doing and are doing it often. The feature will be implemented in the next week and will make matching up with people much more efficient. This will only improve as the user base grows. You can also use our private page to find challenges and challenge friends you already know on the app. We also have a feature coming out in two weeks that will enable you to upload facebook friends and contacts to help with this.
    2. Once you complete a challenge against a friend a message pops up notifying you that once your opponent submits the challenge it will be available via the workout tracker page. Once they submit it it will be there with the day and time you performed it.
    3.As for the app running in the background this was discovered the day we released and took sometime to fix however it has been fixed. It is working for Android and will be working for iPhone as soon as Apple approves the new version. Once Apple approves it we will upload the fixed feature and it will be live.
    4. All workouts will be tracked in your workout calendar. If a workout wasn't there it means your opponent didn't submit it. We are working on a feature that will convert challenges to a self challenge if the opponent quits or never submits their challenge. This way you will still have the workout tracked if your opponent doesn't submit
    Thank you again for you review. We are working day and night to make this the best fitness app on the market. We know our passion and determination will get us there.

  3. Have you tried the app again since providing this review? #wowlinkup

  4. Thanks for sharing this Sheila! #wowlinkup


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