Comcast or X-Finity Fitness Video Review #2

Crane Pose


It is National Yoga Month, so I decided to check out the yoga videos on Comcast On Demand. Since I don't practice yoga and have taken one class in my lifetime, I wanted to try a beginner yoga video.

About 9 years ago, silly me tried to do yoga from the television and I ended up pinching a nerve in my upper back.  Ever since then, I have shied away from yoga.  Because I started this Comcast review series, I made up my mind to try it via the television one more time but making sure it was a beginner video.

I was highly disappointed because the videos in their beginner section WERE NOT for novices.  One is called the Crane Pose.  I looked at the video and wasn't going to attempt doing the move above; I didn't want to end up in the emergency room, again. In my opinion, the crane move is probably an advanced yoga position which requires a lot of balance and strengthens in the upper body. 

The instructor John Vitarelli says that the crane pose requires strength in your hands. However, it is a great video for someone who practices yoga or who have taken a few classes and knows the poses. His explanations of the moves are clear and he gives really good instructions on how to get into the pose.

I'm just disappointed because On-Demand needs to provide actual beginner yoga videos for us budding yogis.  I give this video two stars for being in the wrong category.

Rating: Fair

If you would like to take a yoga class in your area, The Yoga Health Foundation is offering ONE FREE WEEK coupon which can be redeemed at one of the 2000 participating yoga studios in the country.  This coupon is good for the months of September and October and is for new students only.

Do you practice yoga from the television or do you take a class?


  1. I would like to do yoga but have zero hand strength as I have damaged wrists. I had a friend show me some chair yoga poses that I can do- but it's not quite the same.

  2. If I do yoga, or any exercise class, it's usually a class (ha, hence my saying "class")... The TV is just not a good enough motivator for me, and it's not going to yell at me if I decide to 1/2 ass it or just sit there and watch ;)

  3. I do a lot of yoga - I started about 12 years ago. I would definitely say that the crane is advanced. If you decide to try it put a pillow under you to cushion the impact if you fall. I have found that my local library carries a lot of beginner yoga dvd's - check there for some beginner routines.

  4. I watched this video On Demand before, it's awful!! I gave up! I really like They are inexpensive (I got my deal on Livingsocial) and have every kind of video you could possibly want, plus they have pose guides if you need them!

    1. Cool, I will take you and Kimberlee's advice and check out the library.


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