Comcast or X-Finity Fitness Video Review #1

Crunch Up


Because I love doing videos and getting workouts from the Comcast or Xfinity fitness channel, I have decided to do bi-weekly(every two weeks) reviews of the fitness videos on Comcast. 

If you have Comcast as your cable provider and you have On Demand, you will have Comcast Exercise Television. To find it, you must go to On Demand and go to the Sports and Fitness tab, click on it and select fitness workouts.

I broke my left toe almost 2 weeks ago and I wanted to work out, as you know we fitness people cannot be immobile or we go stir crazy.  Since I couldn't use my legs to workout, I decided to find a core workout on Comcast.  Yes, I found one and it was super tough. 

It is called Crunch Up with Robert Jones.  This video is a 16-minute advanced workout that requires the exerciser to have a strong core without problems in the lower back.  If you are a beginner, this is not the workout for you.

Robert starts off with a brief warm-up of stretches in the hamstrings, back, and glutes and then he immediately goes into the tough stuff.  He does three circuits of three exercises two times each, which is helpful because you get to know and practice each exercise twice.  The first time doing this video, I had a hard time balancing in the v position holds and I still do.

There are 2 or 3 exercises I haven't yet mastered, but I think I will by the time my toe is fully healed.  By the end of the video, you will be sweating profusely and it will feel like you really hit those abs hard.  He ends the workout with the same stretches he did at the beginning of the video.

 The only thing lacking is a back extension exercise at the end of the routine.  I usually included back extension exercises like Superman or seal in my core routine.  I recommend this video for advanced exercisers and I give it 4 barbells out of 4.          

4 barbells=Excellent
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  1. What a great idea for a blog post! Look forward to reading all of your reviews

  2. I think I've got a pulled muscle or tendon in my right leg for about the last week I scheduled a appointment with a orthopedic doctor to get it checked out but have to wait until the end of this week anyhow I've been watching this video for about 3 days now I've been doing the exercises and my leg is actually getting better I was actually having a hard time walking and now able to walk pretty much pain free


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