Lift Them Glutes Treadmill Workout - Intermediate Level

This is the 3rd level of the treadmill workout based on the Brazilian Butt Lift treadmill workout.  I workout at this level even though I can walk at 3.7mph to 4.0mph at a 5%-6% grade.  When I first tried this program, I tried walking at 3.8mph and I couldn't keep up but I could at 3.5mph.  I'm really on the tail end of the intermediate program going into the advance level, which I will post soon.

This is a great program if you are going on a hiking vacation that has a lot of hills or if you are looking to lift your derriere.  Do this workout at least twice a week but space out your days to give your hamstrings and gluteus maximus a rest.

If you are not ready for the intermediate program, check out the first two levels and if you have to hold onto the treadmill, slow down your speed.