Booty Building Treadmill Workout

This is the 3rd level of the treadmill workout based on the Brazilian Butt Lift treadmill workout. I work out at this level, even though I can walk at 3.7mph to 4.0mph at a 5%-6% grade. When I first tried this program, I tried walking at 3.8 mph; and I couldn't keep up. The speed I could handle was 3.5 mph.  

I first wrote this article in 2014, and things have changed. In the last few years, due to my knee arthritis, I usually walk at a slower pace, about 3.0 and 3.2 mph. Even though I walk a little slower, I still get the booty-uplifting benefits. 

Booty Building Treadmill Workout

Can you build or lift your booty by walking on an incline on the treadmill? Yes, it can. A great benefit of an incline treadmill workout is that it helps to tone and lift your gluteal muscles. Walking on a hill or treadmill incline challenges your derriere muscles more than walking on flat surfaces.

Are you going on vacation, and will you be hiking in a hilly area? If you are worried that you won't be able to climb hills, this is a program to help you aid you in this effort. Do this workout at least twice a week, but; space out your exercise days to give your hamstrings and gluteus some rest. 

Treadmill pdf

Feel free to copy the above pdf for your fitness workout, but I offer a paid version. I have two workout plans. Look below to see what's included in this package:

Two workout plans
Stretching chart
How to do the treadmill exercise plan
Before and after measurement chart

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