See Sarah Lose - Update

Bye Bye 400's

Sarah is officially out of the 400 club and she texted me her results from the doctor's office Tuesday. As you can see, we really hit it hard like we said we were going to do. This is what we did the last two weeks:

Weekly, she worked out on her own 3 days and trained with me via Skype 3 days
She had a protein shake for breakfast
For lunch, she went vegan and had Green Giant Singles
Dinner was usually a lean meal she cooked for her and her family

What no picture?

Sarah wants to wait until she loses a few more pounds before she takes another picture. I told her to do what ever makes her feel comfortable. Maybe, we will take the next photo on the first day of spring. Also, Sarah told me to tell everyone thank you and she is grateful for the support.

September 2012 Sarah's weight 537 lbs/244.1 kilos
October 2013  Sarah's weight 428 lbs/194.5 kilos
January 2014 Sarah's weight 422 lbs/191.8 kilos
February 2014 Sarah's weight 396 lbs/180 kilos

See Sarah's progress here.


  1. Way to go!! That's so amazing Sarah!!

  2. Whoop whoop! Way to go, Sarah!!!!! How exciting!

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. Fantastic! You are doing great Sarah!!

  4. Sarah's story is sooooo INSPIRATIONAL!!!
    I'll be coming back frequently to see how things are going.

    CONGRATS!!! Sarah....

  5. Hooray Sarah!
    That's an amazing number for three weeks!!!

  6. Whoa.. that is awesome!! Keep it up!!


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