Kale Salad With Coconut Crusted Tilapia


I made kale salad with coconut crusted tilapia over the week-end to finish off the last kale leaves growing in my garden. The hubby and I will miss our garden because it supplied us with a lot of food this year.  I'm still trying to give away my Swiss chard.  The people in my neighborhood and a lot of my friends don't eat it. Let me see if I can freeze it like spinach.

Okay, I just found How To Freeze Swiss Chard video that shows you how to do it. Cool, because I have to harvest the leaves today because the temperature is going to drop to freezing tonight in Chicago. This process works with collards, kale, Swiss chard and spinach.  

I made so many kale salads this summer and my last salad was the kale and coconut crusted tilapia.  The coconut tilapia recipe was from the MamaGuru website. Unfortunately, I didn't make the mango salsa and I think I should have, because it would have been a great salad dressing.

Did you have a garden this year? If so, what did you grow? Do you like kale salads?


  1. Yes, we grew a garden and it was very fruitful. Grew all types of lettuce.

  2. I have to spend tomorrow getting out all my herbs before it freezes tomorrow night. Most of them I will dry, some I will freeze. I love kale, it is great for you and in recipes, salads etc. Your fish dish sounds yummy :)

  3. I don't have a garden this year. I love Swiss Chard! I wish I had a neighbor giving it away! I have been sauteing different foods with a coconut crust. I love doing that, the fish sounds yummy. I like kale, I haven't put it in a salad, I typically cook it, or make kale chips.

  4. This really looks good, should try doing something like you did . My mother in law does grows her own tomatoes,and okra!!!! they are to die for.

  5. That coconut crusting looks delicious!

  6. I love salad and I wanted to plant a garden this year but I couldn't find the room. I do have a flower garden. I love kale and tilapia and coconut, that's why this review caught my eye. I sounds delious,

  7. This sounds so delicious! Easy too. Thanks!

  8. I have never had tilapia before but I do like coconut, and it looks/sounds delicious, I can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  9. Mmmm....delicious recipe!
    This year our garden has kale, romaine and butterhead lettuce (for a little longer), rainbow swiss chard, no collards boo hoo, cucumbers, several types of tomatoes, red onions, 2 experimental peanut plants for fun. Room for carrot and radishes still. Last year, the cauliflower, cabbage, and something else didn't make it.



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