Planet Fitness - A Review

If you want to join a health club and you have limited funds, then you might want to consider Planet Fitness but bring your willpower.

Candy Jars

I kid you not and I was kind of taken aback about this.  My friend invited me to her health club because she wanted to know how to work some of the machines. They have a fitness staff but you are really on your own after a quick orientation to the gym.  When I was signing in as a guest, I noticed two large jars of candy.  One was filled with small pieces of Tootsie Rolls and the other one was some other chewy fruity candy.  I kind of gasp because I couldn't believe that a health club would promote something like this.  

At my next boot-camp class, I told my members about what I found at Planet Fitness and they couldn't believe it.  My sister, who takes my class, explained, "Maybe they do it to build up your willpower".  Another boot-camper said, it would not work for her because she is a serious sugar addict.  I told the class I also heard they give their members pizza and I would find out more information about this.  My sister swore that they must only serve healthy vegetarian pizza.  

Pizza Monday

When I went back that next week, I was on a mission to find out more about the pizza. I asked a PF staff employee, "Do you have pizza days?"  He said they have it on the first Monday of the month.  After that, I asked what kind do they offer their members, he said, "We have cheese, vegetable, sausage, pepperoni and supreme".  I guess that blows my sister's theory that it must be a healthy pizza.

The Equipment and No Classes

All of their equipment is colored purple, black and yellow and they have a lot of cardio machines but from the same company, Life Fitness.  I love Precor ellipticals so I had to settle for the Life Fitness brand.  They have weight equipment but mainly weight machines, no dumbbells over 70 pounds, so if you are a serious body builder, this isn't a gym for you.  I like the fact that they do have a lot of cardio machines, so you probably don't have to worry about not getting on your favorite workout apparatus during rush hour.  However, if you are looking for your favorite brand, then this isn't the gym for you either. If you love taking the classes, then skip PF because they do not offer any. 

No Grunting Zone

If you like to get your workout on and might grunt, scream or yell, you will be asked to leave.  It has a no judgement free zone and they do not like their members to be intimidated by your show of power or show boating. They offer a no frills, clean gym for beginner exercisers.


It is cheap, $10 a month and you don't have to sign a contract but there is a $60 sign up fee. You can also bring a guest who doesn't have to pay if you upgrade to a 12 month contract for 19.99 a month. You will get unlimited use of the tanning booths and massage chairs and locations to exercise.


I would recommend planet fitness because of the price and the cleanliness of their gyms but if you are an advanced exerciser or a group fitness lover, this is not the gym for you. So, if you are looking to get in shape and you are looking to join a health club, check them out but just stay away from the candy.

Are you a member of Planet Fitness? What are the plus and minuses of the club? What do you think about the candy and the monthly pizza party?


  1. What?! Candy and pizza? Never heard of something like that before, but it sure is cheap. Sounds like the perfect gym for beginners though the no classes thing is kind of a bummer. By the way, this is a great review!

  2. candy and pizza...Really? Sounds like a day spa. No thanks:)

  3. Since I can't eat the candy or pizza it wouldn't be something that would bother me :) I can see though that it might be a trigger for some people. I do know though that my husband lost a lot of weight with one cheat day a week where he had pizza etc. They might be serving the pizza as a monthly 'cheat' day. I know that not everyone believes in cheat days though :) Great review!

  4. I love candy, especially Tootsie Rolls. I'm not really sure what they're trying to do with the candy, though! That's so weird. Great review!

  5. This is a great review, Sheila. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, and for the price, you can't do any better. However, the absence of classes constantly makes me contemplate choosing another gym. I like the tootsie rolls, though. I know I'm the exception, but sometimes if my blood sugar is low, I need something with sugar to perk myself up (ie not pass out). They've actually come in handy a time or two!

    Have a great weekend!
    Diary of a Debutante

  6. The candy and pizza is definitely a turn off for me. I get giving your members an incentive, how about something delicious AND healthy. KIND bars?

  7. Seriously? Pizza and candy? How many hours on cardio machines would you have to do to work off the first Monday of the month? Too many.

  8. I've always wondered about Planet Fitness! Never been there, but always been intrigued. Thanks for the info. and review!

  9. Wow those are some seriously weird policies!! No grunting?!?! If this is suppose to be a beginners gym then wouldn't they expect people new to weights or working out to grunt not even on purpose? Not to mention a gym serving pizza and candy. that just seems to go against everything a gym stands for. The lack of classes for a beginners class or personal trainers is also a little odd too. Other than the price and the basic machines this seems like a gym I would probably stay away from.

    1. Tiffany, sometimes I think they are doing this to keep their members overweight so they can keep coming. If you have the willpower to not partake and you don't have a lot money, Planet Fitness is okay.

  10. Planet fitness rocks!No more worries and can stay fit and loose weight

  11. wow - that is inexpensive. Most gyms are outrageously expensive. I'm gasping too at .... tootsie rolls? They aren't trying too hard, in that I'm sure vendors with very healthy choices would like the opportunity to have health oriented people use their products.

  12. I joined Planet Fitness and I love it.

    As long as you choose to use your willpower, candy and pizza are not an issue. However, if you CHOOSE, a healthy lifestyle/eating plan (I will not use the word diet) can include those things in moderation. I think PF is not into fat-shaming or making everyone feel like they can only eat baked chicken and broccoli to participate.

    PS I'm 118 lbs, work out to feel good and look good, and believe in moderation.

    1. Thanks for your visit and your opinion. I think it is a good gym also.

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