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Paleo on a Budget: Part I

Hi Frugal Exercisers! This is Harrison from Extreme Health-Over. Recently I’ve gotten interested in the Paleo diet (also known as the Caveman Diet) and I’m here to tell you how to go Paleo without slimming-down your wallet.

What is Paleo, you ask?

Basically, the Paleo diet runs on the idea that cavemen were strong, agile and muscular due to their diets. Cavemen were around before the agricultural revolution, therefore did not eat grains. They didn’t eat legumes (beans, peanuts, etc.) or dairy either (dairy is a debatable food group for followers of the Paleo diet, but most tend to shy away from it). The average caveman mostly ate fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, and eggs.

Paleo on a Budget
Although the Paleo diet only consists of a minimal amount of food groups, all of that fresh produce, meat, and nuts can get pricey! There are many websites that will put together a free Paleo meal plan for you as well, but don’t waste your money. Here are some ways to go Paleo while staying true to the Frugal Exerciser in you. 

  • Free Smartphone Apps: The iTunes store and Android Market are full of inexpensive or free Paleo related apps. Paleo Central ($.99) is great for searching for different foods; it’s large database allows you to type in the name of a food, and it will tell you if it’s Paleo or not. Paleo 101(Free) is great for those starting out on the Paleo diet. It’s chock full of valuable information, and it even has a few quizzes you can take to tailor the Paleo diet to your needs. 
  • Limit the Nuts: Nuts of any kind are extremely pricey, and paying seven dollars for a bag of almonds shouldn’t have to happen that often. That’s why one needs to limit the amount of nuts they eat per day (this also helps with keeping your fat intake lower). Think of nuts as a garnish rather than a snack. If it helps, buy individual 100 calorie bags of nuts and limit yourself to one bag every day or two. 
  • Go to the Supermarket Twice a Week: Now, if the nearest supermarket is thirty minutes away, don’t pay attention to this tip. Buying a whole bunch of produce at the beginning of the week can lead to the produce molding, rotting, or getting too ripe. I find this is especially true in strawberries, bananas, and avocados. Buy smaller amounts of produce that is prone to going bad quickly and on the way home from work or school mid-week, stop by the store and pick up some more of what you need. This helps not to waste produce, and gets you more bang for your buck!
Stay tuned for part two of affordable Paleo diet tips from Harrison from Extreme Health-Over blog.  Go to his site and see how he was able to lose 30 pounds by making healthier lifestyle changes.


  1. Thanks for the tips. How much meat/protein is sufficient in a day for an average sized person?

    1. I usually try and aim for one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Thanks for reading!

  2. You can download on Amazon a free copy of Paleofied Breakfasts. It is called:Yummy Paleofied Breakfast Recipes For One Incredible Gluten-Free Month.

  3. I agree that nuts can be very expensive. Especially specialty nuts like pine nuts etc. Great tips!

  4. This is the type of diet plan that would work for me because it is affordable and since I don't have time these days to cook much, it fits nicely into my hectic schedule!

  5. I have always thought about doing the Paleo diet but was unsure. I definitely need to give this a shot! I love experimenting with different kinds of meal plans and I also heard this is very cleansing and gives a nice 'clean' feeling.

  6. I love the tip about the app for the phone. I need to download the Paleo Central one and try it out. I do mostly Paleo simply because I don't have enough time right now to work on the recipes in Nourishing Tradition.

  7. Hahahaha... I wish we would go to the supermarket once a week. We live about 5 minutes from one and my Hubs goes almost daily. Great tips for those on the Paleo Diet.

  8. Another tip to keep Paleo Dieting affordable is to use "buy" Paleo books on Amazon when they are free. I have not spent any money on Paleo books and have 2 or 3 downloaded to my Kindle and I didn't have to spend a penny.


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