How To Make Low Calorie Tandoori Chicken - Tandoori Murgh

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I love tandoori chicken and I'm lucky enough to have a South Asian community in Chicago. I can find all of my spices there. Even though you might not be able some of the spices, you can definitely order them on the internet.

Cooking low in fat and calories is the way I tend to cook so I have some suggestions in lowering the fat/calorie content. The recipe, ingredients and how to make Tandoori Chicken at home can be found by watching the video.  Remember to do the following steps to lower the calorie/fat in this recipe:

  • Use low fat/reduced calorie plain low fat yogurt
  • Do not drizzle the chicken in oil before you grill
  • Spray the chicken lightly with oil or use no oil
  • You can remove the skin when you finish grilling
If you cannot see the video click here.

Do you like Indian (South Asian) food?  Is it too spicy for you?  Have you ever made any South Asian dishes?


  1. Love it! Just had some indian food today at lunch, tandoori chicken is one of my faves :)

  2. I've had Indian food once. I got the 1 on the 1-10 spicy scale they give you, and it was still too much! I'm a whimp! (I do love Thai, though.)

  3. I am not sure that I have ever tried Indian food, but I have always wanted to. People have told me that it's really spicy and since I really love spicy food, I am sure it's exactly what I would like. :)

  4. I haven't ever even tried Indian food. I am allergic to a lot of things so I have always been afraid to try it. I do like spicy though I may have to be brave and try it some day.

  5. This sounds really good, but chicken is always good no matter how you cook it. I have never met a chicken I didn't like.

  6. I'm not that familiar with this cuisine or the spices. It sounds delish! This recipe sounds like a good one to try for starting out, and it looks wonderful!!!


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