Strengthen And Tone Your Legs With Gliding Discs Or Towels

I love working my legs with the Gliding Discs.  You can do lunges with these and most people do not have knee pain when using the discs.  If you do not have the discs, you can use hand towels or frisbees, depending upon your workout surface.  If your floor is carpeted, then you will need the plastic discs or frisbees to perform the exercise.  For wood or tile floors, then get the discs for that surface or use two old hand towels.  

This is a frugal exercise and it requires vary little equipment to strengthen those legs. Look at my video to see how to do the exercise properly:

Workout Plan

Add this to your leg workouts.

Beginners     3 sets of 10 repetitions
Intermediate  4 sets of 12 repetitions
Advanced     5 sets of 15 repetitions

If you have any knee pain, let me know about this so I can give you some alternatives to this exercise. Also, remember to subscribe to get more free exercise plans.


  1. What an awesome tip! I'll have to pass this on to my friend who has regular knee pain...maybe the discs can help her get these in more often!

  2. Femme, tell her to hold on to the chair with both hands to start off and if she okay, to hold on with one hand.

  3. Nice intro! Thanks for posting such frugal ways to exercise at home...It keeps me from making excuses especially when you present such great alternatives.

  4. I usually share the "use a towel" tip with my clients who don't want to purchase the Gliders. Thanks for the demo.

    Hey, come check out the Empowered Living hop these are the types of posts that are a perfect fit for the hop. Good way to get you more exposure.

    Do you have a twitter account?

  5. I have a personal twitter account but I need to create one for my blog.

  6. My hubby had an ACL repair and his knees always bother him...I'm going to show him this tonight!! Thanks!

  7. these sound awesome! I have never heard of them.

  8. This is a great tip. I would have never thought of it. I love the video also. It's always easier to see someone do it then just read about it.

    1. Thanks Tammy. I need to make more videos but I lost my teenaged videoogpher LOL. She moves out of town and now I have to learn the process myself.


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