No More Diet Coke


Motivation Monday

I don't like coffee.  My drink of choice in the mornings is Diet Coke and it has to be a fountain drink, not from the can.  I have spent too much money on this unhealthful habit.  So today, I am going cold turkey on drinking Diet Coke.  I'm so addicted, I don't know if I'm going to make it.  This has forced me to look up tips on stopping a bad habit. This is what I found:

How to break a bad habit

  1. Tell all your family, friends and co-workers what you are trying to achieve.  Peer pressure will force you to stick with your plan so you can reach your goal. You don't want to be embarrassed sneaking a drink in front of them.  Your friends and family members may also offer some encouragements to help you stick to your plan.
  2. You want to replace it with a good habit.  In this case, I will drink more water, decaffeinated tea, hot chocolate instead.  I drink water already but I need something other than that to help me, especially in the morning.
  3. Make it a policy in your life, no exceptions.  I told my husband what I am doing and he has been my harshest critic on my drinking problem.  Today he told me, "You don't have to go that crazy, just drink it once a week".  I feel if I do that, I will go back to my 2 to 3 fountain drinks a day habit.  Once you decide to change, don't let anyone or anything make you return to it.  Stand by your decision.
  4. Know that it will be difficult at first but push past your initial discomfort.  Getting rid of a long-time habit is always hard but it does get easier over time.  Start with a kick-off and document each day on how you are doing.  Once you reach 7 days, give yourself a pat on the back about achieving your goal, so far.  Before you know it, 30 days would have passed since you decided to break your bad habit.

Over the week-end, I went shopping for low calorie substitutes.  I bought V8 juice, V8 fusion, hot chocolate mix, tea, lemons and cucumbers for my water.  It is also good to be prepared with alternatives, especially if your habit is food related.  Okay everyone, wish me luck.


  1. Good for you! You know most diet sodas have aspartame in it which have been link to all sorts of bad side effects. Plus it maybe the real reason why you are addicted to diet coke...just google it there are all kinds of research against aspartame. This will also help you completely stop this addiction! Let me know how it turns out, because my brother-in-law still is addicted.LOL

    Sidenote: Dr. Blaylock is a well respected neurologist out of Mississippi...he has many talks on aspartame and MSG on youtube.

    hope this helps!

  2. great post, love the tips :) Best of luck sticking to your goal!

  3. Wow. Diet coke every morning. Good that you're getting rid of it. It doesn't taste that good also, at least to me! + the Aspartame. Well, good luck!

  4. Good luck! I love that you went shopping to prepare yourself for the challenge. I was going to suggest lemon water in the morning until I saw it on the list.

    Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

  5. Good luck! You will do great! I quit over 4 years ago, and giving up soda was one of the best things I ever did! It is hard at first, but it gets easier. Now I don't even crave it. Diet Coke was my favorite!

  6. Barb,
    Thanks I'm drinking my lemon water and I had some this morning.

  7. Lolli,
    I want to get to that point of not craving it also.

  8. Good for you! I lost 20 pounds when I stopped soda cold turkey. Plus, the diet has aspartame in it, which causes cancer. And pretty much does the same thing to your body as sugar does.

  9. I heard a comedian say, once, that diet soda is what cancer tastes like. That has always helped me stay away. I applaud your efforts. the more you can get used to the taste of plain water, the easier it will probably be. (Now if I could only give up coffee...)

  10. Great tips! Good for you that you give up diet coke.
    When I gave up coffee I decided to replace it with warm water and freshly squeezed water in the morning..The first days were tough because I felt so tired not drinking the caffeinated coffee but after a while I felt better..Just stick with it, it gets easier..

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  12. Good for you! I had weaned my way down to one can a day, but then life got crazy and now I am back up to 3-4 a day. Came over from the Empowered Living Blog.


  13. I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke but once I stopped I lost quite a few pounds. Hubby always said, would you rather a couple of extra pounds (sugar) or cancer (aspartame). Good for you on giving it up.


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