I Almost Went Back To The Brown Crack!

On Thursday, I almost went back to the brown crack(Diet Coke).  I had a panic attack because I can't seem to regulate my weight, since eliminating diet Coke from my diet.  I suffer from hypothyroidism and that has affected this whole process.  

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces low hormones, this can affect growth, metabolism, and many cellular processes.  Since giving up my favorite drink, I have been overeating and I gained a few pounds.  I was trying to find something to satisfy me and it has been hard to find that"thing"to take its place.  On Thursday, I got serious with my online food diary and started charting my caloric intake but the weight is slowly decreasing. This is the slowest it has been in a longtime. My husband speculated that maybe the caffeine in the diet Coke, helped with my metabolism.

How not to relapse

On Thursday, I had to call my husband and my girlfriend from relapsing.  It helps to have a support system when you are trying to break a bad habit.  From their conversations, it helped me gain the strength to remain convicted to my goal.  I also decided to research on how not to relapse.  Read this article on relapse prevention:

Quitting: Getting Support

It is also good to have a strong support system.  When I was about to relapse I called a friend and my spouse.  In order to reach your goal from stop smoking, losing weight, giving up alcohol and whatever it may be, don't be afraid to reach out to someone for help.  It also helps to find someone who has gone through the same problem and has reached their goal.  Support comes in many forms and it can come from reading tips, help from friends, to reminders you give to yourself.

Have you ever stopped an addiction and how did you get through that process?


  1. I am new to your blog, and I totally feel your pain! I was addicted to Diet Coke for years, and I have thyroid issues too. My hair started falling out, and when I stopped the Diet Coke it slowly went away. I pretty much live off of Crystal Light Energy these days, and for some reason it doesn't have the same effects on me. :) Best of luck to you!

  2. I will try the Crystal Light energy drink, thanks for the tips and stopping by.

  3. These are such good reflections for any addiction. Changing my lifestyle was key for me in one of my past ones, but with diet soda....I don't think that's a very helpful/relevant tip. :p

  4. My only addiction is to coffee which I wouldn't give up at this point. I do 2 cups in the morning, and that's it for the day. The one time I tried stopping while I was pregnant, I was completely miserable.

    Good for you for sticking to your plan!

    Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

  5. Don't Go Back to The brown Crack! LOL...Try to avoid all drinks with aspartame in them...including crystal light.

  6. Great job turning to a support system for help. I quit sodas, too, when I did Jenny Craig (waaaaay back a long time ago) and now I hate them. I can count on one hand the number of sodas I have a year. You'll get there! You're doing great!!

  7. I've gone back and forth with this too. It's a major struggle even if there are worse things to be "addicted" to.

  8. I have a hard time giving up sodas. I just cannot seem to do it. Even though as in a recent comment there are a lot worse things to become addicted to. Thanks for sharing with us.


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