Workout For Beginners Or Seniors Level 2

Time: 30 mintues

This is the second workout for beginners and you workout for 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes.  Since the weather is about to turn chilly, this is a great indoor workout and it is cheap.  This is an excellent online exercise program; no equipment or health club needed and remember get some music with a fast beat.


Warm-up  3 minutes    walk in place at a slower pace

In the cardio or aerobic portion of the workout, you need to pick up the speed of the music.

Walk in place     2 minutes
Walk forward four steps and back four steps     1 minute    
Opposite elbow to knee     1 minute
Hamstring (alt heel to buttocks) and overhead arms(keep your arms overhead)      1 minute  
Double opposite elbow to knee (elbow to knee 2 times and switch to the opposite knee)1 minute
Step out for 2 (step together step)    1 minute
Double hamstrings (heel to butt twice and switch to the opposite leg) 1 minute
Inner thighs (bring up your left leg across your body touch your calf with your right hand and switch to the opposite leg)   1 minute
Side leg raises (lift your right leg to the side off the floor and bring the leg back to the floor and switch to the opposite side)    1 minute

Repeat above and pick up the pace of the music

Cool-down   walk in place at a slower pace   3 minutes
Stretch (see beginner workout 1 for stretches): 

Check out my video if you don't understand the moves: 


  1. My grandfather is 91 yrs young and we are trying to get him to exercise more. I will let him try some of these exercises tomorrow... I'll be back with an update.

  2. stopping by to make your monday! Love the idea of frugal workouts, thanks for the video to break it down for me :)

  3. My mom and I are doing this workout 3 times a week.


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