How Long Should One Engage In Cardiovascular Exercise?

The new aerobic guidelines

In July 2011, The American College of Sports Medicine released their new recommendations pertaining to the volume and quality of exercises, for adults. Over the past few years, there have been debates over how long one should exercise on a daily basis. Today, we are going to take a look at their findings for cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular exercises.

Current guidelines are as follows: 

  • Adults should get a least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week: 30 to 60 minutes (five days a week) for moderate intensity; 20 to 60 minutes (three days a week) for vigorous intensity. 
  • The workouts can be continuous or broken up into 10 minute segments throughout the day. 
  • One should gradually increase the intensity, duration, and frequency of activity for greater performance.
Those who can't meet the above guidelines should still benefit from minimal activity, like using a pedometer and doing 5000 - 10, 000 steps per day.
Cardiorespiratory/cardiovascular/aerobic exercises are activities that promote the circulation of oxygen through the blood and are associated with an increased rate of breathing. Running, walking, biking, skating, rowing, stair climbing, cross country skiing, and jumping rope, are examples of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are usually not “stop and start”; so golf, for example, isn't an aerobic exercise. 

If you are too busy, you can break up your workouts into two or three 10 minute sessions. My girlfriend's cousin does this and with 3 kids under the age of 5, it doesn't leave her a lot of time to exercise. She jumps rope/walk in place intervals throughout the day.

My favorite cardiovascular exercise is step aerobics, which I have been teaching for many years. I also like stair climbing(frugal), walking(frugal) and biking(frugal depending upon the cost of the bike).
What is your favorite aerobic exercise and how long do your workout sessions usually last?


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