Friday, November 25, 2016

The Fitness Clue Game Challenge

I have a real fun challenge starting today on Black Friday, November 25, 2016. It is based on the Clue game and my game is The Fitness Clue Game. The goal is to find who killed the personal trainer. Here are the rules below:

The Fitness Clue Game - Who killed the personal trainer

a. The yoga instructor
b. The club member
c. The bodybuilder
d. The cycle Spin instructor
e. The club manager
f. The aerobics instructor

a. Jump rope
b. Kettle bell
c. Dumbbell
d. Medicine ball
e. Tennis racquet

The pool
The weight room
The men's locker room
The women's locker room
The aerobics studio
The babysitting room
The front desk
The cycle studio
The Pilates studio

1. You choose a character and you must start your journey where that character's name appears on the board
2. For every 30 minutes of exercise, you can move your game piece two steps or two blocks
3. Once you enter the room, you will send me a personal message what was the weapon and who did it. You don't guess the room because you are already there.
4. I will only give you one clue that I have in my hands. You mark that one off and then move to the next room or stay if you like after two 30 minute workouts.
5. If you are in a corner room, you can jump through the secret passage way, no exercise required.
6. The first two people that guess correctly are the winners.

To join the game you have to ask to join my Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook send me an email at

Any questions? This will keep us working out through the busy holiday season.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Win A FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker - A Great Christmas Gift

I must confess I don't have a FitBit but a lot of my clients have one. I like the band FitBit because every one of my clients and my husband has lost the original FitBit model. If they hadn't lost it, they have destroyed it by not taking it off their clothes before they did their laundry. I have heard many great things about the FitBit Alta, so enter the win and it might be a great gift to you or a loved one.

The giveaway will run from November 16th at 12:01am ET - November 22nd at 11:59pm ET.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

$1600 Holiday Cash Giveaway

Four lucky readers will win $400 to help with the holidays! The giveaway goes live 11/15 @12.01 AM EST and ends on 12/22 @11:59PM! Terms & Conditions will be on the Rafflecopter but this giveaway is open WW. Enter to win and good luck to all.
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Etsy Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

Do you need a fitness gift but you want to support small businesses? Are you looking for something unique to give to a fitness buddy, then you need to check out my Etsy Fitness Holiday Gift Guide. I took the time and handpicked all of the items on the list. Remember don't wait until December 24, 2016 to start your Christmas shopping.

Etsy Fitness Gift Guide - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires     

Gift 1: STRENGTH Keychain Weight Plate Charm By FitFizz 
Gift 2: Hand Stamped Spoon for Dad or Personal Trainer By FitFizz
Gift 3: BARBELL LIFE Hand Stamped Bracelet (Large) By FitFizz
Gift 4: Desert Sand Storm Print Leggings By FabBikini
Gift 5: Crazy Print Leggings By FabBikini
Gift 6: Running Medal Display Rack By runningonthewall
Gift 7: I Crossed The Line Running Medal Display By SecondHandMetalArt
Gift 8: Wrestling medal Medal holder By SecondHandMetalArt
Gift 9: Crochet Apple Cozy By Natalya1905
Gift 10: " Eat. Sleep. CROSSFIT." 16oz Coffee Mug By VannysAttic
Gift 11: 26.2 Runner's recovery sandals By runningonthewall
Gift 12: Fitness Art For Art Lovers - AlmaByArt
Gift 13: Abstract Original Painting By IceCoolMountain
Gift 14: Sketch Art- Fitness- Yoga- Pilates By LOFP
Gift 15: Crawl Walk Lift Baby Bodysuit By BabyThreadsApparel
Gift 16: Strong Like Mommy By PenguinsPineapples
Gift 17: Mini Kettlebell Crocheted Fitness Baby Rattle By ellabelli
Gift 18: Triple Layer Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Bomb Protein Bars 
             By TheBuffPastryShop
Gift 19: Gourmet Protein Popcorn Sampler By TheBuffPastryShop

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My 3 Month Venture Of Being A Part-Time Vegan - Cholesterol Results

It has been 3 months since I got my high cholesterol diagnosis. I have cut back on my meat consumption and increased my fiber intake. I got my results last week, my cholesterol dropped by 3.5%. It dropped but not enough so the doctor told me to make an appointment so he can be put on a statin (a cholesterol lowering drug).  I haven't made my appointment because I decided to give it one more try by losing weight.

My high cholesterol levels are due to genetics, my dad and mom are both on statins. My part-time vegan and high fiber diet helped but not enough, so the only thing I can try now is weight loss. It has been studied that a 5%-10% drop in weight can lead to a significant drop in cholesterol but how much, I don't know.

I decided to join DietBet. DietBet is an online game where you bet that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. You pay to join a challenge, and they have many games that you can join with various pot amounts. You submit a picture with a code word to prove your beginning and ending weights. After the game comes to a close in four weeks, anyone who has hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot. The theory is that when you diet socially and participate online with the people in your group, you tend to be more successful at reaching your weight goal.

My goal is to participate fully everyday and to lose 5% by the end of the game. My challenge ends on November 24, 2016. I weighed in at 153 pounds and I need to be 146.9 by the 24th. I hope to be 145.5 at the end of the game. I will then go and get my lipids test redone and hopefully my cholesterol would have dropped. If not, I will be taking a statin.

Are you on a statin or do you know anyone taking cholesterol lowering drugs?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Win Cash For Thanksgiving - $1200 Thanksgiving Giveaway


Welcome to our $1200 Cash Giveaway! 3 lucky readers will win $400 to help with the holidays! The giveaway starts 10/22 @4PM EST and ends on 11/25 @11:59PM! This giveaway is open world-wide and good luck to all.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

My Favorite Snacks Giveaway

My Favorite Snacks

Today, my cholesterol is being retested and I hope to have a lower score due to my increase in fiber in my diet. I have been eating more pears and eating NuGo Fiber d'Lish. They have 12 grams of fiber per serving and they are great for breakfast on the go.

My next favorite snack is for movie night. I love Graze's popcorn. It comes in a small bag for one  and they have it in lightly salted and touch of black pepper. It's also a good alternative to the vending machine popcorn, you find at work.

My last pick is for my after workout protein snack or my chocolate fix after dinner. I love the Cliff Builder bars. I'm a chocolate lover so my favorite is chocolate mint.

Today, I will be giving away a box of my favorite snacks to one lucky person.  I say that in my Oprah voice. Enter to win and good luck to all.