Sunday, August 13, 2017

Collards Greens Versus Turnip Greens

Turnip Greens
My parents grew up in the South region of the United States and collard and turnip greens were a common staple in their diet. Collard greens are growing in my garden and I'm having them for dinner tonight.  Collard and turnip are leafy green vegetables that have very potent anti-cancer compounds. How well do you know your greens, take the quiz

Collard Greens

1.  Which green is higher in vitamin A?
2.  Which green is higher in vitamin C?
3.  Does collard greens have higher vitamin K levels? True or False
4.  If you are anemic which green should you eat?
5.  True or False  Eating raw collards should be avoided in individuals with thyroid dysfunction?
6.  True or False  Turnip leaves are eaten as turnip greens?
7.  Collards greens are a popular vegetable only eaten in the Southern part of the United States? True or False
8.  If the doctor says you need more calcium in your diet, is it better to eat collard greens or turnip greens?
9. Both collard and turnip greens contain high levels of cholesterol? True or False
10. Which green is higher in fiber?


1.  Wikipedia has the greens equal in vitamin A but other sites state that turnip greens are higher in vitamin A. The winner is turnip greens but both are high in vitamin A.
2. Turnip greens are higher in vitamin C with 60 mg per serving. Collard greens has 35 mg per serving.
3. Vitamin K helps in the increase of bone mass and it also helps Alzheimer's disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in their brain. True, collard greens has more vitamin k per serving.
4. Turnip greens is higher in iron so it is better to eat turnip greens if you are anemic.
5. True, if you have hypothyroidism you should not eat raw goitrogentic foods often. Foods that are high in goitrogens include spinach, broccoli, collards, cauliflower, kale, peanuts, strawberries and other vegetables.
6. True, the leaves of the turnip are eaten as turnip greens.
7. False, collard greens are popular in East Africa in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. Collards are also popular in Portugal and Brazil.
8. If you need more calcium it is better to eat collards. Collard greens has 232 mg per serving and turnip greens has 190 mg per serving.
9. False  Cholesterol is a fat like substance that is found cells of the body and it is only in animal products. Plants do not have cholesterol.
10. If you need more fiber it is better to eat collard greens. It has 4 grams per serving compared to 3.2 grams in turnip greens.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Healthy Snacks At 7Eleven

I tend to eat on the go because my first client is early in the morning sometimes as early as 5am. Since it is very early, I like to stay in the bed to sleep and not get up so early to make breakfast. Sometimes, I forget to pack my fiber or protein bar so I have to stop at a convenience store and pick up something healthy and nutritious.

Can one stop at a gas station or convenience store like 7Eleven and find something healthy to snack on? Just because it says convenience, doesn't mean they don't have healthy options at the store. Most people tend to pass up the nutritious food and head straight for the chips, sodas and candy.  

Take 7Eleven for an instance, this store offers all types of healthy snacks for people on the go. They have fresh fruit, small salads, beef jerky, nuts, water, fiber bars and protein bars. There are a lot of options to choose from and now their options have gotten even larger.

7Eleven has teamed up again with Quest Nutrition to showcase Quest's latest bar called the Quest Beyond Cereal Bars. If you love to eat cinnamon rolls, waffles and chocolate then this is a healthier alternative for you. These bars are healthy, nutritious and convenient but there is no compromise on the taste. They are delicious. They come in three flavors, cinnamon roll, waffle and chocolate flavor. So far, I like the cinnamon roll the best even though I am a chocolate lover.

The Quest Beyond Cereal bars are only 110 calories but have 12 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of fat. The bars use allulose, which is a rare sugar found in nature in things like figs and raisins.  It's very different from sugar because it tastes like regular sugar, but it is almost calorie-free. 

So if you have to stop at a 7Eleven one day for a quick snack, avoid the chip aisle and grab a banana and a Quest Beyond Cereal bar. Your body will appreciate the healthy attention and love. ❤️

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Diet Programs' Summer Sales

Are you like me and have let your healthy eating get out of hand because of the many summer festivals or picnics? Do you need to hit the diet reset button? Great, because this is a good time to buy healthy eating programs because of the many sells out there.

The South Beach Food Delivery Program.
It is from the popular diet program from the last decade called the South Beach Diet. It has three phases and the first phase is a low carb and lower fat protein plan(lean meats). In phase two, they reintroduce healthy carbohydrates like brown rice back into your eating plan.

The South Beach diet is now offering their food delivery program and you will receive the how to information and foods for both phases, one and two. Purchase and receive 40% off right now and begin getting the body you deserve with this amazing and proven diet. Even includes delivery of fully, delicious and prepared meals right to your doorstep.

Balance by BistroMd
Now you can order a la carte, no need to buy a month's worth of food. This is BistroMd program called Balance by BistroMd. You can order when you need it and there is no membership fee. You can choose meals just for breakfast if you like or if your problem is dinner, you can do that too. You only want 7 meals? You can do that too, just order what you want because you are in control.

Look for the meals with the orange icon, those are the ones on sale or mix and match the ones you want to try with ones that are on sale. This would better than paying full price for the meals.

Another food delivery program that a lot of celebrities have lost weight on. This deal is for new shoppers. 

Purchase new program Lean 13 and receive 40% off. Lean 13 allows consumers to lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches. Purchase a Free Trial and achieve your goals. The product endorsed by Marie Osmond, Dan Marino and others.

Another great healthy meal delivery program and they are based in South Florida but they send their meals throughout the United States. Right now, they are offering three free days of meals so check them out as soon as possible.

DeliverLean is a healthy gourmet meal delivery service that combines the two things everyone wants from a meal – flavor and quality – with the two things most Americans struggle with when eating any meal – balance and portion control.

Hit that diet reset button as soon as possible because you don't want to go into autumn carrying extra weight from the summer.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Win $500 Summer Cash

Time for another great giveaway and the theme is $1000 Summer Adventure Cash Giveaway. 🌞 Two winners will receive $500 cash. If you win what adventure will you spend your money on? Will you go to a day spa or buy an airline ticket and go to a spa destination? Maybe, you need to buy new swim gear? It is up to you and you have to enter to win.
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Healthy Afternoon Snack At Home Or At The Office

I had a chance to try the new Quest Hero bar and I love this protein bar. I have been using it as a healthy afternoon snack and I always pair it with a high fiber fruit. This usually fills me up until I eat dinner around 7 or 8pm. Yes, we eat late in my family.

Yesterday, I went on a 20 mile bike ride in the heat. It was a scorcher yesterday in Chicago with the temperature around 93F or 33C. Because it was so hot and I hadn't been biking, my body was spent. I needed to replenish the fuel I burned on the bike ride, so I had the Quest Hero bar in vanilla caramel.

You can also try it as an after dinner treat or dessert. I like to cut my bar up into small pieces like in the picture above when I'm watching television after dinner. It helps to savor the dessert so you can enjoy it more. You will love this bar because it tastes like a candy bar.

Reasonsir to consume the new Quest Hero bar:
1. Meal replacement for weight loss
2. Healthy afternoon snack
3. Fuel replenisher after a heavy workout
4. As a candy bar that is good for you

Let me tell you more about the new Quest Hero bar and for one, it is lower in calories than the typical protein bar of that same size. The reason it is lower in calories, the Quest Hero bar uses Allulose. Allulose is a low calorie sugar that exist in nature but in small quantities. Allulose is a monosaccharide, or simple sugar, it is absorbed by the body, but not metabolized so it is almost calorie free.

It is a protein bar with 17 grams of protein but it tastes like a candy bar. It comes in three flavors, vanilla caramel, chocolate pecan caramel, and blueberry cobbler. I'm a chocolate fan but I really prefer the vanilla caramel and the blueberry cobbler. You should try it to see which one you like the best. Not all stores carry the bar, so go to their site to find who carries Quest Hero in your area. Grab one today because everyone deserves to be a hero.

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide

For The Fitness Loving Mom

Mother's Day is coming up fast and you need to check out my picks from Etsy shops for the fitness loving mom. 

Left column from top to bottom:

1. If your mom loves taking baths, take a look at this bath caddy. There is nothing like a good soak after a tough workout.  Bath Caddy by Divine Woodwork

2. A great t-shirt for the mom that has two loves, running and wine.  Running shirt by Shirt Market

3. A gorgeous headband that looks great with any workout. Workout Headband by True North Collection

Middle column from top to bottom:

1. A very pretty plus size leggings from Shovava.

2. Buy small bite size treats for mom and they also have an assortment of candies. Pate de Fruit from Zam Artisan Chocolates

3. For the fitness mom who loves bling. Sterling Silver Dumbbell Necklace from Fit Selection

Right column from top to bottom

1. Does your mom wear her FitBit everywhere even to parties? Turn her FitBit into a fashionable piece of jewelry. FitBit Charge 2 by Fitness Sparkle

2. Get your mom a bath bomb she can enjoy after a tough workout. Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Bath Bomb by White Horse Spa Shop

3. Sexy black leggings so your mom can show off all of her hard work. Workout leggings by Fitology

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Planet Fitness Circuit At Home Part Two

Two months ago, I created a post about doing The Planet Fitness Circuit in your home, here is another Planet Fitness Circuit workout but I replaced the cardio step portion with a one minute abdominal routine. The workout is 30 minutes and you can alternate doing this workout with the Planet Fitness Circuit at home part one.


  • Home gym like the picture above or dumbbells and a bench or step bench
  • Step bench or your stairs at home
  • Stopwatch

30 Minute Workout Program

The program is 1 minute work and 30 seconds rest for you to transition to the next exercise. After a three to five minute warm up, you can start the program.
1. Chest press-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

3. Lat Pulldown or row with dumbbells-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

5. Leg extension or lunges with dumbbells-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

7. Leg curl or deadlifts with dumbbells-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

9. Back rows if you have the component on your gym or back flyes with dumbbells-one minute

11. Shoulder press with your home gym or dumbbells-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

13. Bicep curls with the fitness gym or dumbbells-one minute and then 30 seconds rest

15. Triceps push-downs with your fitness gym or triceps kickbacks with dumbbells-one minute

17. If you have a leg press component on your gym do leg press, if not, do squats-one minute

19. Plie squat for one minute and then 30 seconds rest

20. Back raises on the stability ball or on the floor for one minute

Stretch and you are finished.