Sunday, February 18, 2018

Leggings For Science Nerds And Geeks

Sizes (XS - 5X)

I have to confess I love looking at the stars and my favorite constellations are Scorpius and Orion the Hunter. My favorite movie genre is Sci-fi and I like the Science channel so I am a science nerd. I picked out some leggings, some are plus size, found on Etsy that is great for the science nerd or geek.

Zodiac or Constellation Leggings by Bandinka
I put these first because they are my favorite. You might rank them differently but check them out on their shop so you can see the stars of the zodiac. These leggings come in sizes XS to XL.

White Formula or Chemistry Leggings by Bandinka
These are my next choice even though I am not crazy about chemistry. The white formula leggings would make the perfect gift for a chemist or some one who is taking chemistry in high school or college. Size: XS to L

Sci-Fi Leggings by Keira Cosplay
Leggings for the sic-fi lover and if you are into cosplay. I love both colors and these would get plenty of likes at the yoga studio. Size: S-L

Black Hole Galaxy Nebula Leggings by The Geek Garden
Not my favorite but I like the fact that they come in sizes from XS to 4X. The top is banded with the lycra but if you really like elastic, she can make it with an elastic band, just request it via private message on Etsy. 

Earth Day Leggings by Brawn and Brindle
Rock these leggings at a science fair or on Earth Day. These gorgeous leggings showcase our beautiful planet from above. Size: XS-XL

Space Yoga Pants by Figment Clothing

This is what Figment Clothing has to say about their space leggings, "My pants are a tour of the solar system! Space Pants!" They also come in sizes from XS to 3X.

Organic Chemistry Yoga Leggings by JUST3Js
Another legging for the chemist, chemistry major, science teacher or anyone who loves these pants. They are too cute. Size: XS to XL

Pi Leggings ScrappinTwinsShop
I didn't forget the math nerd and these Pi pants would be a great gift for a math teacher. Size: XS to XL

Doppler Efect Fade From Black To White by Huckleberry Road Shop

The Doppler effect is the change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer who is moving relative to the wave source. These pants represent this phenomenon very well. I talked to the shop owner and she says, she goes all the way up to 5X in size. I didn't see it stated on this particular item so send her a private message if you require a size larger than XL. Size: XS to 5X

Storm Lightening by Trina Wear
These are gorgeous and they come in a variety of colors and sizes, all the way up to 4X. I had to add them to the list. They were not included in the collage above. Size: XS to 4X

These are my picks. What do you think of these leggings for the science nerd or geek?

*This post does contain affiliate links.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

5 Tips On Staying Healthy When Driving For Uber or Lyft

I used to drive for Uber and Lyft part-time and when I drove, I noticed my healthy habits took a backseat to making money. As a driver, the drive to pick up the next ride is strong. It is almost like an addiction and you are a slave to the app. You will tell yourself, this will be my last ride but you keep going. As I driver, I ended up not bringing a lunch or nutritious snacks with me and fast food restaurants and their bathrooms became my friend. Just because you drive for a ride share company, doesn't mean you can't have a healthy lifestyle. I have five tips that can keep you healthy while you work.

Tip 1

Before you start driving, stock your car with wholesome snacks like fresh fruit, a small bag of nuts, protein or fiber bars, veggie sticks and etc. This will cut back on a urge to spend money on unhealthy options. 

Tip 2

Pack a lunch or dinner in a lunchbox and if the weather is warm, use a cooler. Preparing your own lunch or dinner is cheaper than buying food every-time you drive and it may also save you some calories.

Tip 3

If you forget to pack a lunch or dinner and you need to eat, determine to make better choices at restaurants. The above picture is the Wendy's apple pecan chicken half size salad which is 350 calories without the dressing. Try to stay away from fried foods and large burger options and stick to half sizes unless you will be eating the other half of the meal later when you return home. 

Tip 4

Take breaks, go for a 10-15 minute walk or stretch by your car. Prolonged sitting is not good for your lower back and sitting for long periods of time can cause deep vein thrombosis. A DVT is a blood clot in one of the deep veins in your lower body, that can form if you don't move around for a longtime. Also driving can be stressful especially if you are in traffic and you are trying your best to get your passenger(s) to their destination(s). By taking these 10 minute fitness breaks, they can help you to destress and at the same time help your heart health and flexibility.

Tip 5

Make a schedule for your workouts at the gym or at home and stick to it. Since driving is taking up a lot of your time, try to exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. The 30 minute Planet Fitness circuit is great workout which includes cardio and strength combined. I have two home versions of the Planet Fitness circuit if you don't have a PF in your area or don't want to join the club.

It doesn't matter if you have a trainer, you exercise at home via YouTube or etc, just make sure you don't let your workouts take a backseat to making extra money. Making a fitness schedule is very important to your well-being and remember you can't make money if your health is in jeopardy.

So here are my tips and if you drive for a ride-sharing company and you have any tips you would like to share, please add them in the comment section below.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Valentine's Fitness Etsy Gift Guide

These are my Valentine ideas for the love(s) in your life and all of the items are found on Etsy. All you need to do is to click the link or the picture and it will take it to the Etsy shop. *This post does contain affiliate links.

I love these leggings they are too cute and I really don't like capris. These pants would really look good on a person that has an inverted triangle or apple shape. They are not so great for a pear shape, it would make the person look to hippy.

There is nothing better than a beautiful soap in your bathroom or to use when you are taking a bath or shower. I love a pretty soap but they don't last in my home, I use my soaps. The last soap I bought smelled like mangoes. Seaside Soap Kitchen has a chocolate and strawverries soap that is great for Valentines.

I'm not a bath but a shower person. These bath bombs are quite popular with bath lovers. If your man takes baths, check out this bath bomb that is made with bentonite clay and organic grape seed oil and scented with sandalwood fragrance oil. Dudes love baths too!

I love my high top Vans. I have two colors, blue and brown and pink. I would like a black color and these are so pretty. I think everyone should have a pair of Vans in their closet.

Want to spice up your relationship? FlyTrapOne says, "Give your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend these naughty, sexy love or sex coupons for your wedding, first paper anniversary, or just because you want more nookie." Visit their store to see all of their fun gifts, there is a lot more offered at their shop.

Bath bomb lovers this Cupid's Kiss has mandarin orange, melon, blackberry and violet leaf blend, followed by notes of lavender, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and nectarine. The little hearts really are so precious and would be the cutest Valentine's gift.

Let your man brag about his skills as husband or boyfriend. A great gift for the tee shirt lover.

I need a gorgeous lingerie set and this is my pick by Georgia Leyla. Her shop is based in Portugal so if you love this, you better act fast. 

This tee can be worn at the gym or with a great pair of jeans, you choose. This shirt would go great with the Vans from The Fawn Doe.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

3 Tips to Stay On Track in 2018

I decided to write this post late in January after all of the New Year's resolutiona have already been broken or abandon. I think if you adopt one or two goals and make them very specific, you will have great success at keeping them through the entire year.

Tip 1.  Meal Plan

If you are very loose with what you eat and you want to lose weight, I advise that you sit down and plan your meals throughout the week. You might only have to plan lunch or dinner especially if you eat the same breakfast daily. Buy a set of five to seven tuppeware or meal prep containers and create lunches and/or dinners for the whole week. If you are cooking for the entire family, stews, chili and soups are easy and fast to make on Sundays. Mason jars are also great if you are a salad lover and want to eat them for lunch or dinner. Meal planning is one the top reasons people who have lost weight and kept it off use this method. 

Tip 2.  Eat Healthy Snacks

If you are a snacker and you run to the vending machine daily, you need to focus on buying healthier snacks to munch on throughout the day.  A great afternoon snack especially if you like Greek yogurt would be Dannon's Oikos Protein Crunch. It has 17 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. By drinking a glass of water along with Dannon's Oikos Protein Crunch, the protein and fiber will help you to fill full for many hours. It can be found at Walmart and they offer many varities. I'm not a Greek yogurt fan and I tried this and I found it to be really tasty. It also has Zero Artificial Sweeteners which is another plus.

Other healthy snacks would be 20 nuts of any variety but only 15 to 20 no more than that. People tend to eat too many nuts. Another trick to eating nuts would be to buy them in the shell because after cracking about six or eight pecans or walnuts, most people are sick of doing all that work. 

Any veggie with low fat dip or hummus is also a great snack. A piece of fruit or a cup of berries is a healthy snack, just make sure you are eating a serving size. People tend to eat more than one serving especially if it is a melon, berries or grapes.

Tip 3.  Workout That Fits Your Schedule 

Don't like to workout or you find that you stop working out a few weeks after starting an exercise program, you need to adopt a plan that fits your schedule. I'm not a morning exerciser and I would never stick to a morning routine. I found that if I do my weight training on Sunday morning and Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, it has been a schedule I have been able to stick to. If you can only devote two days to working out stick to those two days and don't worry about it. You may in the future find more days or ways to get in extra activity.

You don't like cardio but you like to dance, try Zumba, Barre or dance classes. My client along with three of her co-workers walk the stairs at her job. They have 40 floors and they walk from level one up to level forty daily at lunch-time. A couple of her co-workers stated this has helped them get moving because they detest working out. 

These are my top three tips on getting healthier in 2018. Adopt one, two or all three of these tips and have a family member or friend do it with you. Good luck and have a healthy new year.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I Bought A Stationary Bike For $125 From eBay

I bought a stationary bike off of eBay and it only cost $125.00. However, the seller and I made an error by completing the sale in person, that is a no no and we got reprimanded from eBay. Because there was no shipping, the total cost was the $125.00.

I have two club memberships and one which is free because I work there part-time but I still wanted a bike to prepare me for the 2018 outdoor cycling season. My sister told me about a YouTube channel that I can exercise along with professional cyclists. The group is called GCN or Global Cycling Network. They really push the viewer and that has taken my cycling to the next level. The only problem I had, I was using up my phone's gigabites because my clubs do not have free wifi. I decided to buy a bike I could use at home that didn't cost loads of money.


I have never bought a large ticket item on eBay, just smaller items like shoes and etc. My results have always been positive from the site so I decided to look there first for my bike. The seller lives in the suburbs of Chicago and he stated that the bike was a Diamondback 600 series, an older model but in good condition. He had only ridden it two or three times. I went to test it out and bought it on site. The seller helped me put it in the back of my truck and that was it.

eBay scolded us for not doing the transaction on their site and since I didn't know any better, they let it slide this time. I know not to do that anymore. Anyway, I have a new bike and I will be ready to take on my husband who teases me about my slow riding skills. If you need any exercise equipment, large or small, check out eBay before paying full price for your item.

A great workout to try: The Stationary Bike Workout

Friday, January 5, 2018

Iceberg Lettuce Versus Romaine Lettuce

Iceberg Letttuce

The CDC has told everyone who lives in United States to get rid of your romaine lettuce due to it being the source of an e coli outbreak.  The outbreak has killed one person and has made many others sick. 

Romaine lettuce for many years has been held up as a healthier green than the old standard iceberg lettuce. However iceberg lettuce has gotten a bad rap and it is now time to clear up these misconceptions. Take the quiz below:

1.  Which lettuce has more vitamin K?
2.  Does iceberg lettuce have vitamin A?
3.  Which lettuce has more calcium?
4.  Does romaine or iceberg lettuce have potassium?
5.  Which lettuce contains more water?

1.  Romaine lettuce has more vitamin K but iceberg lettuce has it too. For one cup(72g) iceberg lettuce has 17.4 mcg and romaine lettuce has 48 mcg. 

2.  Romaine lettuce of course has more vitamin A but iceberg lettuce is a good source of the vitamin per one cup serving.  4094 IU romaine lettuce - 361 IU iceberg lettuce

3. Romaine lettuce has more calcium but calcium is also found in iceberg lettuce. 13 mg iceberg lettuce - 15.5 mg romaine lettuce

4. They both have potassium.  102 mg iceberg lettuce - 115 mg romaine lettuce

5.  Iceberg lettuce has more water which makes it great for weight loss. You will fill full quicker eating this lettuce compared the romaine lettuce.  68.9 grams iceberg lettuce - 44.5 grams romaine lettuce

As you can see, iceberg lettuce has more to offer than its past history of having no nutritional value. The dark leafy green lettuce varieties have a higher vitamin and mineral content but don't think you have to give up your salad since there is a temporary ban on romaine lettuce. If you want more vitamins, feel free to add carrots, bell peppers, spinach to your iceberg lettuce salad.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Burn Fat With These Three Ten Minute Workouts

Happy and healthy new year and I can get you started with three 10 minute workouts. The first one will be for beginners and the last two are for more advanced exercisers. You can click the link on each exercise for the video demostration on YouTube. Enjoy and get started January 1, 2018.

10 minute workout for beginners
Do one time and stretch

10 minute workout advanced 
Push ups 45 seconds
Do one time and stretch

10 minute workout advanced
Do one time and stretch

Bonus video, do this workout once a week for extra stretching