Dancing through a Crisis 30-Day Challenge


Happy New Year Frugal Exercisers. Last year was a trying time for most of us, and even though we are still coping with some world changes, there is always going to be a crisis in our lives from time to time. It is very important to learn how to cope with these changes. Why not try to cope with these life problems through the power of dancing? Right now, I have partnered with the Dancing and Life company to promote and teach people the power of movement to make you feel better. 

The Dancing and Life program emphasizes that you need not be a dancer or even have rhythm. What matters the most is the movement and the intent behind the movement. According, its founder Saje Flow, dance has always been a way for humans to express themselves, celebrate customs, perform rituals, and, last but not least, socialize with one another. Dance has helped us get through many crises.
If you are having any life issues, why don't you take the Dancing and Life Seven Day Challenge to start? You can join the challenge for free to get started right away. Dancing and Life will provide you with seven short daily videos that will challenge you to take daily actions. The daily challenges can empower you to overcome your current crisis or challenge. Again, no dancing skills are required.

You can sign up and join the seven-day challenge, and one awesome thing about this, everything is online. If you know someone who may benefit from this program, do not hesitate to let them know about it. I will be back for every few days to update what is the daily ritual to tackle.  Dancing and Life