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Friday, September 21, 2018

10 Minute Rubber Tubing Bootcamp Workout


You are very busy and you need a tough exercise program that won't involve you in buying fancy equipment or spending time in the gym. I have the best exercise plan for you. It is a ten-minute rubber tubing boot camp workout.

You will need a variety of rubber tubes or aka resistance tubes or bands. I would recommend Spri exercise products. They are the original resistance or rubber tubing exercise equipment. If you have your own rubber tubing then you can get started right away.
Spri has a chart with yellow being the easiest to purple being the hardest. You can go to their site or go to Amazon because they are sold on that platform too.

Do the workout two or three days a week with rest or a cardio day between the rubber tubing boot camp workout. I will include how to videos with each exercise. Have a variety of tubes because some exercises will be harder to perform than others. The thickness of the tube determines its strength level.

Beginners do 10 - 12 reps and Advanced exercisers do 15 - 25 reps
Warm-up one minute

Rubber Tubing Boot Camp Workout 
Squat row with one leg or two
Ab exercise your choice from video *Your level
Jumping Jacks (jump or no jump)
Triceps kickbacks with doorstop or without doorstop
Cool-down and stretch.
Exercises to add in place of the above exercises 
if you want to mix things up.
Pushups with rubber tubing instead of chest press

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  1. This seems like something that would be great for me.