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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Leggings For Science Nerds And Geeks

Sizes (XS - 5X)


I have to confess I love looking at the stars and my favorite constellations are Scorpius and Orion the Hunter. My favorite movie genre is Sci-fi and I like the Science channel so I am a science nerd. I picked out some leggings, some are plus size, found on Etsy that is great for the science nerd or geek.

Zodiac or Constellation Leggings by Bandinka

I put these first because they are my favorite. You might rank them differently but check them out on their shop so you can see the stars of the zodiac. These leggings come in sizes XS to XL.

White Formula or Chemistry Leggings by Bandinka
These are my next choice even though I am not crazy about chemistry. The white formula leggings would make the perfect gift for a chemist or someone who is taking chemistry in high school or college. Size: XS to L

Sci-Fi Leggings by Keira Cosplay
Leggings for the sci-fi lover and if you are into cosplay. I love both colors and these would get plenty of likes at the yoga studio. Size: S-L

Black Hole Galaxy Nebula Leggings by The Geek Garden
Not my favorite but I like the fact that they come in sizes from XS to 4X. The top is banded with the lycra but if you really like elastic, she can make it with an elastic band, just request it via private message on Etsy

Earth Day Leggings by Brawn and Brindle
Rock these leggings at a science fair or on Earth Day. These gorgeous leggings showcase our beautiful planet from above. Size: XS-XL

Space Yoga Pants by Figment Clothing

This is what Figment Clothing has to say about their space leggings, "My pants are a tour of the solar system! Space Pants!" They also come in sizes from XS to 3X.

Organic Chemistry Yoga Leggings by JUST3Js
Another legging for the chemist, chemistry major, science teacher or anyone who loves these pants. They are too cute. Size: XS to XL


I didn't forget the math nerd and these Pi pants would be a great gift for a math teacher. Size: XS to XL

Doppler Effect Fade From Black To White by Huckleberry Road Shop

The Doppler effect is the change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer who is moving relative to the wave source. These pants represent this phenomenon very well. I talked to the shop owner and she says, she goes all the way up to 5X in size. I didn't see it stated on this particular item so send her a private message if you require a size larger than XL. Size: XS to 5X

Storm Lightning by Trina Wear
These are gorgeous and they come in a variety of colors and sizes, all the way up to 4X. I had to add them to the list. They were not included in the collage above. Size: XS to 4X

These are my picks. What do you think of these leggings for the science nerd or geek?


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    1. Yes, I really like the first leggings I posted.

  2. I love these leggings! They are amazing!

  3. These are fun and makes me want to exoeriment

  4. I really love these leggings and I can't wait to check these out.

  5. So many awesome leggings! They are adorable.

  6. I got a couple of pairs and they are great!