Healthy Afternoon Snack At Home Or At The Office

I had a chance to try the new Quest Hero bar and I love this protein bar. I have been using it as a healthy afternoon snack and I always pair it with a high fiber fruit. This usually fills me up until I eat dinner around 7 or 8pm. Yes, we eat late in my family.

Yesterday, I went on a 20-mile bike ride in the heat. It was a scorcher yesterday in Chicago with a temperature of around 93F or 33C. Because it was so hot and I hadn't been biking, my body was spent. I needed to replenish the fuel I burned on the bike ride, so I had the Quest Hero bar in vanilla caramel.

You can also try it as an after-dinner treat or dessert. I like to cut my bar up into small pieces like in the picture above when I'm watching television after dinner. It helps to savor the dessert so you can enjoy it more. You will love this bar because it tastes like a candy bar.

Reasons to consume the new Quest Hero bar:
1. Meal replacement for weight loss
2. Healthy afternoon snack
3. Fuel replenisher after a heavy workout
4. As a candy bar that is good for you

Let me tell you more about the new Quest Hero bar and for one, it is lower in calories than the typical protein bar of that same size. The reason it is lower in calories, the Quest Hero bar uses Allulose. Allulose is a low-calorie sugar that exist in nature but in small quantities. Allulose is a monosaccharide or simple sugar, it is absorbed by the body, but not metabolized so it is almost calorie-free.

It is a protein bar with 17 grams of protein but it tastes like a candy bar. It comes in three flavors, vanilla caramel, chocolate pecan caramel, and blueberry cobbler. I'm a chocolate fan but I really prefer the vanilla caramel and the blueberry cobbler. You should try it to see which one you like the best. Not all stores carry the bar, so go to their site to find who carries Quest Hero in your area. Grab one today because everyone deserves to be a hero.


  1. I have never tried a Quest Hero bar before. But i will for sure now. Thanks.


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