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Total Body Run Class At Cross Town Fitness (Chicago)

I had a chance to take part in a class that has recently become popular in the United States. Treadmill running classes are popping up all over the country.

These classes are usually 30 to 90 minutes. They are a choreographed intense routine that involves jogging, fast running, sprinting and hill work. When you add the group dynamics to the class, it helps the participations with motivation and group camaraderie.

A few weeks ago, I tried a class at Cross Town Fitness in Chicago at 1031 West Maison at 9am in the morning. The class called Total Body Run is only for 30 minutes but it is an intense 30 minutes. The goal of the class is to increase your running performance.

I couldn't find the gym so when I arrived, I had missed the 5 minute warm-up and they were already running on the treadmills. I informed the teacher(Tori) that I don't run but I would be participating by walking. After a brief warm-up, I cranked my speed up to 75% max effort at a 3% incline. The Total Body Run class took us up to our own 65%, 85% and 90% perceived fitness levels. I was walking at my own fast speed of 4.0 mph - 4.4 mph and during the resting phases, I would bring my treadmill back to 3.6 mph. It was an intense workout and it was over in an instant, the 30 minutes flew by. We ended the workout with some lateral moves on the floor, followed by some stretching exercises.

My Thoughts On The Workout

It is a great workout if you want to run faster and you need someone to push you. If your goal is to burn extra calories once or twice a week, it will do that too. Even though, the class says it is for runners, walkers can also benefit from the workout. Walkers feel free to join, and don't be intimidated by the runners because you work at your own level anyway.

A one day pass is $30. They have numerous unlimited membership prices depending on commitment: $160 for 8-month commitment, $175 for 3-month membership, and $190 for month to month membership. Right now, they are offering a special of $60 two week all access pass.

If you are looking for a bargain, these classes might be too steep for you but if you really want to try it out, they offer a one day free class. After taking the free class and you still want to continue but the price is too high, I would wait for the unlimited special and go at that time. If you are in the city for business, Cross Town Fitness is located in the West Loop or west of the downtown area and on the North side, feel free to check them out. For more information about Cross Town Fitness visit their site at


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