Have A Fit Holiday With Meal Enders

I got the chance to review Meal Enders flavor lozenges for the holiday season. In fact, Meal Enders is promoting healthy eating and have a #FitHoliday season campaign this Christmas season. Since late November through December is the season of indulgence, Meal Enders has offered a solution to this problem.

I received four packs of Meal Enders in the following flavors, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate mint and mocha. I gave the mocha to a client because I don't like coffee but I got a chance to try the other flavors. A few of my clients got to test out the product also.

Before I get to the results of the product, let me explain what Meal Enders actually do. Meal Enders are signaling Lozenges (they resemble hard candy) that help with overeating and aid in portion control by clearing cravings from the mouth and mind. They are 15 calories each and are used when you want to reach for something that will ruin your diet or healthy meal plans. They aren't to be chewed but savored until the craving is gone. Do they work? Here are my thoughts and thoughts of my clients.

  • Did you like the taste of the Meal Enders and what was your favorite flavor? Most of my clients loved the lemon and the mocha came in second place.

  • Did it stop your cravings? Everyone felt it stopped their cravings and stopped them for reaching for a piece of candy or other sugary treat.

  • What were the pros about Meal Enders? They found it easy to use and can be placed in your car or office desk for easy access. The flavors were good and they tasted great.

  • What were the cons about this product? A lot of the ladies forgot about them including me from time to time when we were craving a treat. They felt they should be part of your meal planning so it becomes habit and you will remember to reach for a Meal Ender instead of a treat.

  • Would you recommend the product for someone trying to lose weight? Two of clients said they would recommend the product and another two felt like you could get the same results with low calorie hard candy.

  • If you would like to try MealEnders check out their site and remember the holidays aren't over and maybe you might want to try them especially if you have been partying hard this holiday season.

*Disclaimer: The Frugal Exerciser received the items above in exchange for reviews & this giveaway. All opinions expressed are those of my own. 


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