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Monday, April 6, 2015

Win A WalkTop Treadmill Attachment


Do you like reading while walking on the treadmill? Then, you might want to enter to win a WalkTop. WalkTop is an adjustable desk you can attach to your treadmill so you can surf the web, read or do work for the office. It can be adjusted to be flat for your computer or you can put it on an incline for reading. If you want more information, read a review from The Fit Blog or watch this YouTube video.


  1. This looks awesome! My husband and I both use the treadmill, and we would use it for books and laptops! ;)

  2. Found your blog via Femme Fitale's Workout Wednesday Link Up Party. :)

    This sounds cool! I don't think I'll win ('coz I live overseas) but I joined the giveaway anyway, hehe. :)

    1. They said it is open WW so you can still win. GL.

  3. This looks much more sturdy than the shelf attachments you can buy for the treadmill.

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