Fitness Gifts For Mother's Day 2015

I haven't done a list like this in two years, and I decided to do it this time in a slide presentation. I'm getting carried away since I found out about Slide Share. Here are my picks for the best Mother's Day gift for the active mom.

1.    Paleo Treats Yummy treats for the mom following the Paleolithic diet. $57.00

2.    Tory Burch Fitbit Tracker Bracelet  Change your tracker into a super-chic accessory for when  you are at work or out on the town, day or evening, with the Silicone Printed Bracelet.  $39.00

3.    inov-8 F-Lite™ 182 Get this light cross training shoe today because it's on sale and they only have a limited number of sizes.

4.    Power Systems Kettle Bells  They are an excellent piece of strength equipment for the mom who wants to get in shape or who wants to try something different. Click the link and check out their sales page too.  $21-$50

5.    Gliding Discs   Gliding discs are great for working your legs, core and upper body. Check out my infographic and blog post for a total body workout using this these discs. $15

6.    Trina Turk Recreation 'Rec Check' Leggings  Super cute and super sexy for the fitness fashionista.  $96

7.     BistoMd Meals  For the mom who wants to lose weight. Give her a break from cooking separate meals for herself. You can also request meals for a special diet.  Read my review. $179.95 for 1 weeks and 149.95 for 5 days.
8.     Spa Finder eGift Card  Pamper your mom and give her a SpaFinder eGift card. Everyone woman wants to be a queen for a day.


  1. I told my husband I would like a kayak for Mother's Day. Let's see if that happens.

  2. Hi Sheila, these are great suggestions. I think my favorite are the leggings and the Spa Finder e-gift card. I usually go with gift cards because you can never go wrong with it! My mother recently started yoga so the leggings seem like a good idea :)

  3. Anything Tory Burch is great in my book! Happy Mother's Day

  4. I shall give my mom the gift of a HIP replacement!

  5. Yes, please someone give me the spa gift cards since I don't treat myself to massages!

  6. Those Tori Burch Fitbits are the TRUTH!!! I am getting my mom a Fitbit - figuring out if I am getting her those. Decisions decisions. #wowlinkup


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