Surpahs Digital Body Fat Scale Review


I received an email from C8KE Inc. about trying out their Surpahs Digital Body Fat Scale and I have to tell you, I was kind of weary about doing it.  Being an exercise physiologist, I have tested hundreds of people over the years using the skinfold calipers. I have found when I use the bio-electrical impedance method, which is what the Surpahs scale uses, it tends to under predict and over predict the amount of body fat in individuals.

I actually have a Tanita scale at home and it too uses bioelectrical impedance to measure body fat.  The body fat measurements with the Tanita scale are so off, I ended up using the scale for only measuring my weight.  At the time, I was about 20% body fat and when I would take my weight, it read about 28-30%, which was way off. As you can see, this is the reason why I was hesitant upon receiving the Surpahs Digital Body Fat Scale. I decided to put this scale through a test and below are my results.

Test subject 1  Female 5'4" or 167.64 cm  
Surpah body fat reading 20.6%  skinfold body fat test 23.4%

Test subject 2  Female 5'7" or 173.736 cm
Surpahs body fat reading 24.3%  skinfold body fat test 25.5%

Test subject 3 Male 6'1" or 185.928 cm
Surpahs body fat reading 17% skinfold body fat test 15%
As you can see, the difference between the skinfold caliper readings and the Surpahs body fat measurements were not that far apart. It is much better than many of the bioelectrical machines I have used in the past.  However, if you want to most accurate body fat measurement, you will have to find a sports clinic that does underwater weighing.  Underwater weighing is still consider the gold standard when measuring the body fat.

The Surpahs Digital Body Fat Scale also measures the weight, total body water, muscle mass and bone mass.  In conclusion, it is a great scale for finding your weight and body fat but if you want the most accurate body fat reading, then you will have to find a professional sports clinic.

NOTE: I received this product from the manufacturer in exchange for my unpaid, honest opinion of the product.