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Brand Spotlight: Margarita Activewear

I love the Margarita activewear line of clothes. These pants are not cheap and I always try to buy them on sale. One good thing and why I love this line, they last a long time.  I make sure I wash them in cool water and line dry them.  I always get complements when I wear them at the health club and I wore them once to a summer festival.  They were a huge hit and many ladies asked me where I bought them.  I had to let them know, you have to purchase them online you can't find this line at a store.  Check out the Margarita fitness clothing line and make sure you use the code above, if you find something you must have.

More about Margarita Activewear from ActivewearUSA

Margarita Activewear is situated in northern Israel, and strives to create an exclusive range of work out clothes inspired from the beauty of nature. To accomplish this objective, they sought out extraordinary fabrics and incorporated them into every design ensuring exclusivity.

Margarita Wear items are uniquely designed and hand crafted. The fabric used, called SUPPLEX with Lycra, allows comfort, style and color to jointly live together. The cottony soft comfort of Supplex with the elasticty and fit of Lycra offers a remarkable freedom of movement, rich bright colours that last and last, and keeps the shape, wash after wash.


  1. I love the pair of pants at the top! So cute!

  2. These seem like great clothes and I love the bright colors and the durability.

  3. Such cute pants! I would definitely wear these! Thanks for the introduction!

  4. These yoga pants are so cute!! The ones at the top are unique, but fun at the same time.

  5. I would love to make some of these leggings! I would rock them in my pilates class!


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