McDonald's Monopoly And Coke Rewards

July rewards and exercise stats

10/11/2014 Update below


Some of you might know this, I pick up trash to the dismay of my husband and parents.  I hate when people do not respect this lovely planet and throw trash on the ground. So, I pick up trash. The benefits - I get a lot of rewards, mentally and physically, for doing this.

I like late summer because that is when I can get Coke rewards and McDonald game pieces at the same time.  This year, I decided to document my wins and also my exercise steps with a pedometer.

I also get McDonald game pieces from friends, who don't play the second chance game, and from drinking a medium sweet tea.

Here are my stats from mid July to mid August:
McDonald game pieces found: 67
Coke products found:103 bottles and 3 cartons
Steps on Pedometer(15 outings): 63,090 steps

My wins:
9 Quarter Pounder with cheese wins
7 Breakfast sandwich wins
15 Medium fry wins
3 Forty Coke reward point wins online
2 Forty Coke reward point win from the game pieces
6 Free Redbox movie DVD wins online

Except for one outing to McDonalds for lunch, I have given away my food game pieces to the homeless. The hubby and I have been enjoying renting free movies and just yesterday, we saw Olympus has Fallen.  I needed a phone case for my new Iphone 4S so got a new one by cashing in 250 Coke Reward points.  


I got a cheap pedometer to clock how many miles I do when I go on these excursions. I did over 6 miles in 15 outings, which is 4200 steps per outing.  If you are familiar with this apparatus, you wear it on your pants or shirt and it counts the number of steps you do a day.  The medical experts want the user to do 10,000 steps a day which equals 3 miles. On the days I did my Coke and McDonald hunts, I usually would end up with 15,000-16,000 steps a day.

Next Year

I will be doing this next year and hopefully, I will win bigger prizes, like a car.
*Update 10/11/2014: I have some many food rewards, I gave away 6 fries and 2 burger game pieces to 4 homeless people today.

Did you play the McDonald's Monopoly game or collect Coke bottle tops?


  1. My husband has people give him tops for My Coke Rewards. He has gotten some great stuff!

  2. That's so smart! I would never think to do anything like this. I need to start thinking like you!

  3. I've never done that, though I love how you use the activity to increase your steps.

  4. You have won quite a lot from McDonalds... It wouldn't pay me to even try to win because I can't eat most of what they have there. I do miss their fries... but just don't eat them anymore.

  5. Haha, I loved how on top of Monopoly rewards we were this year! Congrats on your winnings :) And that was so sweet of you to donate your rewards to the homeless. I'm definitely need to jump on that bandwagon. Have a great weekend, lady!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. I saw one of my homeless friends and he said he turned in all of the food winning game pieces and shared his food with a friend.


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