McDonald's Isn't The Devil, Maybe It's You.

Everything in Moderation

Today I tweeted this to McDonald's:
I had my first QP last week. I had a habanero QP and it was delicious. Thanks for the new burger.
MacDonald's response:
@Laurend1985 Glad you are lovin' our new QP. Thanks for sharing.

Another twitter's response, I have to paraphrase it because he removed the tweet: Okay fatty and I hope you lose your foot.
My response to Doomssam: :ssam I'm not fat in fact I'm a fitness professional. Remember everything in moderation.

I'm ranting now. Sorry people are blaming McDonald's for making people obese. Where is personal responsibility in all this?
I finished with my physical therapy session for that day, I was hungry and I entered a McDonalds and ordered a Quarter Pounder for the first time in my life. I didn't order fries or a large drink with it, just the sandwich which is 610 calories. Yes, that's a lot but I had an apple and FiberOne bar for breakfast and I was going eat baked chicken and broccoli for dinner.
I'm sorry but fast food restaurants do offer healthier items on their menu, it is up to you to order accordingly, or you can have what you want but exercise and eat lighter for your next meal.
What is your position on this?

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  1. As you stated, it is in moderation. If you want to have a QP by all means have one. But you do not or will not have a QP everyday. Live your life how you choose not by others standards.

  2. I can't stand the smell of McDonald's. Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Jr I can be around, but McDonald's smells gross.

  3. I personally don't believe in fast food at all for my body, but I am very much a purist. Everyone has to decide what is wrong for them. Do I think someone is a horrible person or bad in any way for having the QP the way you did, absolutely not. You live a healthy lifestyle over all and treated yourself. I think if more people were like you we would have less obesity and health conditions in this country. I know that moderation is not an option for me, as if I had one item I would have the whole menu...I find it best for me personally to stay completely pure. I love that about the health industry though, there are different types for different people, and I think that is important. As long as it's not a regular thing I don't see why an occasional treat is an issue for most healthy people.

    1. **right or wrong for them. sorry typing this late at night!

  4. I believe in moderation too. People on twitter seem to always be irritated about something. I think they need to spend more time offline :)

  5. I do think it's both. McDonalds is using genetically modified, filler filled crap and passing it off as food. I'm all for moderation, but no one should be eating that food.

  6. Um, wow. That guy was super rude. And to the wrong person. I'm about moderation in all things, too. I do think the bulk of responsibility falls to the consumer, but to a certain extent I agree with Kim, as well. It's not just the food they sell; the stuff you buy in the supermarket is genetically modified a lot of times. But until we, as consumers, start mandating change with our purchasing power, there's no incentive for the business to do better. (Plus, if they didn't, it wouldn't be so cheap.)
    I say this as someone who eats at McDonald's on occasion. I'M GLAD YOU ENJOYED YOUR QP! Indulgence in moderation is what keeps life interesting. (And all of us sane.)

  7. McDonalds does offer a salad and I get it without dressing. That is about the only thing I can eat at McDonalds. Before I had canddia, I used to enjoy their burgers on occasion.

    There is always someone out there looking to pick a fight... Maybe they have NO LIFE!!

  8. I agree with you, frugal exerciser, that we all make choices and knowing what to eat, how much and when is basic to good health. McDonalds doesn't force anyone to come inside! They and other fast food places only offer what the public wants--remember, the business is to make money. If people only bought healthy alternatives, that's what they would offer.
    Lets have a little sense about what we eat and drink
    And take more time to enjoy good, quality food rather than cheap junk!

  9. Dnt pay those nut jobs no mind!!! its always someone on some form of social media with an ignorant disposition!!! aint nothin we can do about it!

  10. I'm an everything in moderation gal, too. While we generally avoid processed food and fast food places, I'll go there if it works for us. Yesterday, when we were at a local aquarium, I decided to buy lunch instead of bringing it with us. Sure, it was expensive, though we were able to get in free for 6 people so I feel like it balanced out for us.

  11. While one can't place all the blame on fast food restaurants, they are not above reproach. They can't throw rocks and then hide their hands. Even some of the 'healthy' options are laden with preservatives, sugars, and other additives. Self control is definitely the key as you exhibited in your purchase, Sheila. I know for me, I would have to refrain from even going inside despite my pure intentions to just get a chicken sandwich because the temptation to 'make it a combo' is just too strong.

  12. APPLAUSE! Like so much in life, healthy eating is about common sense, which so many people lack. I agree with you completely!

  13. I don't eat fast food at all anymore. Doc H did some independent research and it turned the whole family off from it... even the kids!
    The issue I have with fast food chains is the way they peddle the food to kids with their kids' meals and toys. The kids then become accustomed to that food rather than healthy food. Terrible eating habit ensue and before you know it we have a nation of obese children. It's really sad.
    Thank you so much for linking up for MM!!

  14. I agree with everything in moderation, don't look to sue McDonalds for a fattening burger. I do think the fast food places should have healthy choices, and also coupons and specials and advertising promoting the healthy choices, and contribute to programs regarding obesity, etc.


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