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For many years, I've had people ask me for a simple diet plan because complicated ones always leads to failure. Last month, I was on Stumbleupon and found an eating plan called The No Bullshit Diet . It is very easy to follow. I decided to try it out because I needed to lose a few pounds. My review of the diet found that it's one of the easiest diets to follow and it is effective.  The only drawback, you can't have any snacks and it doesn't talk about healthy nutrition.  A novice could lose weight but do it by eating junk food.  

Get better results and download The Very Simple Diet for only $6.95. It comes 
with a sample meal plan, how to page, food diary, and assessment page. 

The plan is as follows, you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner without any snacks. Women are  allowed 1500 calories a day and the men get 1800 calories.  See the chart below.

Women                               Men
1500 calories                     1800 calories

Breakfast                            Breakfast 
400 calories                        500 calories 

Lunch                                 Lunch
500 calories                       600 calories

Dinner                                Dinner
600 calories                       700 calories

If the above calories are too high, you can tweak the numbers. For example, I consumed 1400 calories a day by subtracting 100 calories from lunch. If you decrease the amount of calories, just don't drop it too low, don't go under 1200 calories and 1500 calories if you are a man. Let me know what do you think of this ultra simple diet. Do you find it doable or a little crazy?


  1. I eat lower calories at breakfast and add in two snacks. Plus I exercise an hour a day so my weight stays low. I am still working on getting my husband to lower his calories :)

    1. Frugal in WV, there is NO way your hubby is going to lose weight unless he takes 3 bites from everything you cook, Mrs. Foodie LOL.

  2. It's doable, but it takes serious discipline. I find that the first week is nearly impossible, but after a few days, it comes much easier. Hope you have a great weekend, lady!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. ITA, because you want to snack but you have to keeping telling yourself, no wait for your next meal. Have a nice week-end too.

  3. Seems doable to me! A lot healthier than other ways to count calories...
    The only thing I might do differently is allocate more calories towards breakfast and less towards dinner.

    1. I'm doing more for dinner today because its movie night with the hubby.

  4. I do not need to lose weight right now but will note this diet in the event that I need to in the future. Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. I am happy to follow back.

  5. Far, far too low on calories for me! Female, 6'1", 180 pounds, wearing a size 2. I run, I swim, I kick box (hey, it's fun!), I have the Insanity DVDs. I carry moderate body fat (17%), but if I drop more, I start looking like a skeleton. I take in between 3,000 and 3,4000 calories a day to stay with my current weight. Unless I'm going crazy and doing a triathalon, and then I up it to nearly 5,000 and I'm still losing weight then.

  6. This is definitely a new one on me, but I think I could do it. I would also probably tweak the calorie counts too.


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