Download Runkeeper to Energize your Fitness Program

There are many fitness enthusiats that have downloaded Runkeeper to have their own personal trainer. With Runkeeper you can track your runs, bike rides, hikes and other workouts using the GPS on your phone.

Today I am featuring a fellow fitness blogger, Femme Fitale Fit Club. She is a 40-something wife, mother of 2 and career woman who is constantly inspired by anything fitness related. Her professional background includes a Master of Healthcare Administration and Master of Business Administration.


I ran with my Runkeeper back in December 2012 around my neighborhood for a little over 3 miles. I used both my Runkeeper and Nike+ allowing the music to play through Runkeeper.  I wanted to compare the 2.  I hooked up my Wahoo strap to detect my heart rate and paired it with Runkeeper. Runkeeper confirmed it was connected and bingo I was set!
I stepped outside my house in the cool air with my running gear and gloves and started out around 9 am which is actually very late for me to start running.  I actually prefer o'dark thirty when the roosters wake up and start crowing because that is just the optimal time for me.  
I walked the first 1/4 mile and then started my trot and pushed START for both running applications. My music starts and “hey I don’t recognize this song how did this make my playlist”? “Oh well it is banging so let me keep it moving”. “Hmmm, who is that riding their bikes straight toward me”? “Oh that is just my neighbor and his daughter returning home from a morning bike ride”. Onward I go.  I then tell myself "stay focused".   At the 15 minute mark the Runkeeper audio chirps in with everything I want to know….run time, pace, speed, and then skips it……no mention of my heart rate!
What in the world is going on???? Runkeeper why aren’t you recording my heart rate when you said my HRM was connected? GEESH that is one of the main reasons I chose your running application. Please don’t tell me something is faulty. I know my heart is beating because going up this hill it feels like it is about to burst out of my chest! Please don’t tell me I won’t even get a mention of what my heart rate is today!
I then continued on my run as my music continues to push me through the hills and valleys known in and around my neighborhood.  Runkeeper chirps in again at each 15-minute interval with my stats (pace, mph, etc.) except for my HRM.  I am totally disappointed.

I finish my run and turn off both running apps and walk the rest of the way home.  Here is what I liked and disliked about the Runkeeper app:
  • It's FREE!
  • No annoying advertisements when you log into the app
  • Works with most iPhones and Androids
  • Easy to set up your profile
  • Allows you to track and store your running maps
  • Allows you to easily upload and post your run and stats online (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Easy to set up to your playlist to play your music
  • Allows you to send invites to friends so they can get your updates and vice versa.  I sent invites, barely anyone accepted.  :-/
  • Runkeeper allows you to view your route and see the elevation along your run route paired with your pace which is pretty awesome to see
  • Did not read my HRM even though it confirmed it was connected to my Wahoo HRM.  I hear it also may be due to the iPhone losing connectivity with Runkeeper.  Whatever it is, they need to work that out.
  • Does not allow me to view the information via landscape - just portrait.  I later learned they have since added this feature or it has been there all along.  Oh well.

Overall the Runkeeper app gets it done.  It is fairly easy to understand and set up and does calculate the basics a runner would like to know about their run if tracking it.  They do need to figure out how to get this thing to properly read a heart rate monitor because many runners do like to track that.  Also, if it could not properly read my heart rate, how did it come up with a calorie burned count?  Some things shall remain a mystery.  Happy running guys!!!!!


  1. I use RunKeeper but for my bike rides. I agree it sometimes malfunctions but I love it when I'm biking in the country.

  2. compared to Nike+ which do you prefer better? I currently use Nike+ on my ipod nano and love it :)

    1. My sister prefers the Nike app so if you like Nike stick with it. Oh Danielle I bought to new polishes yesterday. I will come over to your blog to talk about them.

  3. I'm going to have to try this! I'm not much of a runner, but I'm hoping to do a half marathon by the end of the year. Eek, we'll see! Thanks for the tip :) Have a great weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Stephanie you can start smaller with a 5k instead, it would be a good goal for a beginner runner.


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