Old School Workout - Step

I love teaching step class because it is fun and it burns a huge amount of calories. These days, it's hard to find a step class, let alone a properly taught one.  If you are still taking step classes and you have an excellent instructor, good for you.  For those who have never taken "step" and want to learn, there are
a couple of options:

  1. Look for a class at a local community center; I don't want you spending a lot of money joining a health club
  2. Try purchasing a step DVD for home -- this is the least expensive alternative
  3. For stepping at home, buy a used step bench off of Ebay or Amazon.  Make sure you buy the long bench and not the short one.  You can perform more choreography on the longer bench.

Beginner Steppers

If you are new to step and you are in a class setting, ask the instructor before class can he or she show you some of the step patterns.  You don't want to be frustrated and give up.  For home steppers, buy a beginning step DVD with an explanation of the step program.  Start with a 4 inch bench, and move up on the height as you become more proficient with the complex stepping patterns.

Calorie Expenditure

The calories burnt in a step class can vary based upon, how fast you are stepping, the height of your step, and whether you are attending high or low impact step class.  A 140 pound person on a 6 inch step, taking a 45 minute low impact class, could burn 330 calories.  If the class is high impact, that same person could burn 500 calories.  As you can see, it is an excellent cardiovascular workout.


If you have bad knees get an okay from your physician before proceeding.  Moreover, always start with the 4 inch step bench, or a 2 inch thick board.  You also can do the routine on the floor to start off with, if you are concerned about your knees.

Recommended DVD's for beginners

ShapelyGirl: Let's Get Stepping!Kari Anderson's Go: Step for Beginners

Advanced Steppers without limitations
Cathe Friedrich's To the Max I love Cathe Freidrich; her choreography is not complex but tough.

Reebok: Intense Moves with Gin Miller

We cannot forget about Gin Miller the inventor of the step.  This DVD is awesome.


  1. I love step and I take it at a local YMCA. I didn't know it burns that many calories.

  2. Yes, Kimmy I love step and I usually step for one hour.

  3. You took me way back with this post...I can still remember sweating it out at step class. I wouldn't mind going to a step class now to change it up a bit. Or do an old tape at the house. I just wish I knew what I did with my reebok stepper:)

  4. GumboHair step is the business. I love the calories burnt with it.


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