Twenty-Minute Workout For Beginners And Seniors

We all know someone who needs to exercise but is in very poor shape. If they move around even a little bit, they are huffing and puffing.  Well, this program is for them and it will improve their cardiovascular system. It is great for seniors as well as those who haven't worked out in 10 or 20 years.

All you need to have is some fitness shoes and music.  The music can range from 100 to 140 beats per minute(BPM); the faster the beat, the harder the workout.  If you can't handle the 20 minute-plan, start with a 5, 10 or 12 minutes-plan and build from there.  You can also split your exercise routine in two:  10 minutes now, and 10 minutes later in the day.  It is OK to do that as the program, it doesn't need to be continuous.

Once you are able to get through the workout without stopping, feel free to add some higher impact moves such as running is place.  Higher impact is defined as moves during which both feet comes off the ground simultaneously.  But remember; this is only for individuals who don't suffer from weak knees, ankles or a bad back; in other words, those who are not prone to injury of the joints or lower back.  If you have a condition that doesn't allow you to jump but you still wish to increase the intensity of your workout, just increase the speed of the music.

You should try this program and if satisfied, share it with a friend or family member who really needs it.  This does not require any money; so it qualifies as an effective and cheap workout for a better you.

Walk in place -- 2 minutes
Step side to side -- 2 minutes
Step out for two(step together step together) -- 1 minute
Alternate leg kicks -- 1 minute
Hamstring curls(alternating heel to derriere) -- 1 minute
Opposite elbow to knee(standing) -- 1 minute
Walk in place -- 1 minute
Rest – 1 minute

Repeat the above but on the last “walk in place”, slow down your pace.

Cool down
Walk slowly -- 1 minute

Calf stretch

Hamstring stretch

Quad stretch

If you have any questions about the workout, send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



  1. This would work for my momma. Easy and too the point with no equipment. Love It! Thanks

  2. I'm trying to rally a team at work to start this walking/running program and then all do the 5k/15k Biggest loser walk/run at Killington, Vermont at the end of July. It gives everyone more than ample time to get it together and celebrate our accomplishment. I'm starting tomorrow, wish me luck! Jessie

    1. Jessie that is excellent. I put a label at the top for the running program. You will find updates and coming soon is phase 5 of the program. Let me know how your team is doing.


  4. Good article. Is there any specific stretching exercise before jogging.

  5. Good article. Is there any specific stretching exercise before jogging.


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