Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fitness And Wellness Printables

My New Shop

I have launched my own products, I now have a series of printables from some of the workouts and eating plans I have presented on the blog for the last 4 years. I have several more coming out in the next few weeks, so feel free to check them out.

A great running program for beginners and it starts out with walking. A slow program that will get you running in 30 weeks or sooner, you can go at your own pace. If you are overweight, older or an absolute beginner, you might want to give this program a try.

What's Included:
How To Guide
Heart Rate Chart
Week 1 - Week 30 Run/Walk Charts

This is a digital product, you download it from your computer

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Do you have a weak abs? Are you upset you don't look great in your clothes? Do this challenge for 30 days and you will have a stronger core and flatter abs just in time for swimsuit season or your next big event.
What's included:
Ab Challenge Calendar
Food Diary
Measurement chart and before/after picture display
Exercise chart
This is a digital product, you download it from your computer.

Si necesitas empezar tu programa para perder peso, o tienes que perder entre 2 y 4 kilos de forma rápida para algún evento importante, y además amas los batidos, la dieta motivadora del batido está hecha para ti.

Cómo realizar la dieta del batido
Diario de comidas de siete días
Página de balance
Total de páginas: 10
Este es un producto digital, que descargas en tu ordenador. 

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Smoothie Jumpstart Diet
If you need to lose weight fast for a wedding, vacation, reunion or just because you are tired of your present condition, and you also love smoothies, the smoothie jumpstart diet is for you. 

This includes:
How to do the smoothie diet
7 day food diary
Assessment page
Total pages: 10

This is a digital product, you download it from your computer.
Digital Product - No Physical product will be sent!

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Diario de Alimento
La gente que lleva un diario de comidas pierde hasta dos veces más de peso que aquellos que no lo hacen, según los profesionales médicos. Así que si estás luchando contra los kilos de más y estás preparado para cambiar, mantener un diario de comidas es imprescindible.

People who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight as those who don’t, according to medical professionals. If you're struggling with extra weight and are ready to make a change, a food journal is important.
Siete páginas, de lunes a domingo
Included: 7 pages Monday-Sunday
PDF IMPRIMIBLE - Puedes imprimir tantas copias como necesites
DESCARGA INMEDIATA - Hazte con él ahora mismo

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You haven't been losing weight and you have tried a lot of things? Do you write down everything you are consuming daily? If not, download my food diary/journal and start documenting because according to health professionals, journaling your daily food consumption is very important when you are trying to drop the pounds/kilos

Included: 7 pages Monday-Sunday

Have you been stuck at the same weight for weeks? Take my Break That Weight Loss Plateau Cardio Challenge for two weeks to increase your metabolism and burn those calories. Download my printable today and tell your friends about the challenge, because it is better when you have others there to motivate you.

What's included: 
How to guide
Two week fitness journal for the challenge
Four page pdf
This is an instant download that is immediately available after purchase.


Running Log $2.25
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A running log keeps you accountable on what days you ran and your times. It is great to share your progress with your friends, running coach or family members. You can use it as a guide to let you know your times, progress, bad run days, good run days, or when to buy new shoes.


Hair and Food Journal $5.95
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If you are a new natural or your are trying to grow healthier longer hair, keeping
a food and hair diary will aid you on your hair journey.

This program based on the eating program we do with my Facebook group. It includes a how to guide, seven day food diary, before and after measurement chart, sample meal plans.

The 6 Day Food Challenge
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This program is my 30 Day Ab Challenge or intermediate and Advanced exercisers. It includes the 6 Day Food Challenge because you want to take your abdominals to the next level. 

The Advanced 30 Day Ab Challenge
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